Springfield Games: All the Event Items and Prices

The monorail is back, as a mini-update, giving us back most of the stuff from last year’s event: characters, buildings, decorations, prizes, and more. Join us right after the jump for the complete table of all the items in this update!

SFG One PanelThe following list contains all the items from this update!

image name cost
unlock_fatov Fatov Unlock
after collecting 6 Pins
unlock_lisa_pincollector Pin Collector Lisa
Pin Collector Lisa
A Prickly Obsession Pt. 2
Returning Characters
unlock_springy Springy Unlock
Mystery Box
Can buy multiples – One of the not owned skins will popup at random
ico_stor_springfieldgames_mysterylocker Gym Locker Mystery Box sidebar_donut75
Returning Skins unlockable from Gym Locker Mystery Box
unlock_bart_jockey Jockey Bart Unlock
Jockey Bart
Gym Locker Mystery Box
unlock_furiousd Furious D Unlock
Furious D
Jockey Bart
unlock_marge_tennis Tennis Marge Unlock
Tennis Marge
Gym Locker Mystery Box
unlock_ralph_ballet Ballet_Ralph_Unlock
Ballet Ralph
Gym Locker Mystery Box
unlock_comicbookguy_kungfu Kung_Fu_Comic_Book_Guy_Unlock
Kung Fu
Comic Book Guy
Gym Locker Mystery Box
unlock_abe_toreador Toreador_Grampa_Unlock
Toreador Grampa
Gym Locker Mystery Box
gokarttrack_menu Go-Kart Track Springfield Games Pt. 5
halfpipe_menu Half-Pipe sidebar_donut100
Generates sidebar_springfieldgames_ribbons2 every 3h
Returning Buildings
sportacus_menu Sportacus sidebar_donut85
Rebate Offer on Building
ico_stor_lugashsgym Lugash Gym
Rebate: sidebar_donut40
christredeemer Cristo of Springfield sidebar_donut60
Generates sidebar_springfieldgames_ribbons2 every 3h
sportscauldron_menu Springfield Games Cauldron Springfield Games Pt. 1
sportspodium Springfield Games Podium Springfield Games Pt. 2
pinstand Springfield Pin Stand Springfield Games Pt. 3
Returning Decorations
Duff Blimp Duff Blimp sidebar_donut60
Returning Decorations Bundles
ico_stor_trainingbundle Training Bundle sidebar_donut125
ico_stor_flagbundle Country Flag Bundle sidebar_donut50
Training Bundle Content
golfcourse Golf Course Training Bundle
boxingring_menu Boxing Ring Training Bundle
tballstand T-Ball Stand Training Bundle
tennismachine_menu Tennis Machine Training Bundle
gauntlet01_menu Obstacle Wall Training Bundle
gauntlet02_menu Obstacle Tires Training Bundle
gauntlet03_transimage Obstacle Wires Training Bundle
gauntlet04_menu Obstacle Log Training Bundle
Country Flag Bundle Content

Australia Flag, Brazil Flag, Cameroon Flag, Canada Flag,
China Flag, Colombia Flag, Costa Rica Flag, Ecuador Flag, England Flag,
France Flag, Germany Flag, Ireland Flag, Italy Flag, Ivory Coast Flag,
Japan Flag, Mexico Flag, Netherlands Flag, New Zealand Flag,
Nigeria Flag, Norway Flag, Russia Flag, Scotland Flag,
South Korea Flag, Spain Flag, Sweden Flag, Switzerland Flag,
Thailand Flag, United Kingdom Flag, United States Flag, Wales Flag

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


23 thoughts on “Springfield Games: All the Event Items and Prices

  1. I bought the Gym Locker Mystery Box but I only got one character is that wrong but i expected to get them all, plz help me


  2. I noticed that one of the buildings isn’t on here or am I going crazy. It is the one that is the last prize of the mini event


  3. I wish EA add flag of Poland.

    Fatov is NPC, right?

    Weird they didn’t give Tennis Marge, Ballet Ralph and Kung Fu Comic Book Guy premium payout.


  4. Is there a known “bug” ?
    I don’t see any event. Didn’t get any “in game” update yet.
    Using Ipad 4. Tried anything i can think of, but still nothing…


  5. Is there any bonus multiplier with the flag bundle? It doesnt state it but ive read somewhere that it does. Does anyone know? Thanks matt


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