Springfield Games: Kwik-Tap Guide Part 1

A new event just hit and it’s the Olympics at Springfield. What does Lisa have in mind for it? Will lazy Springfielders partecipate? Find out right after the jump in the part 1 of the Springfield Games Kwik-Tap Guide.

The new even starts just 2 days before the Olympics does and Lisa wants to go but Homer got a better (?) idea!

Games of Their Own Pt. 1

Auto starts

Task: Make Lisa Petition for Springfield Games
Time: 6s
Location: Town Hall

Games of Their Own Pt. 2

Lisa starts

Task: Make Snake Plan Tourist Scams
Task: Make Wiggum Plan Police “Assistance”
Task: Make Quimby Announce the Springfield Games
Time: 6s
Location: Town Hall

The Springfield Games has officially started and we’re ready to earn the prizes!

Springfield Games Event Guide

Springfield Games Pt. 1

Auto starts

Springfield Games Pt. 1SFG Jobs
Make Homer Intimidate Springfielders
Time: 3h
Location: Town Hall
Task: Collect Participation Ribbons [x8]

By sending characters to the jobs, you can earn Partecipation Ribbons. On the first part you can send all Springfielders to do it. If you send them apart, you may get a headstart on part two too by collecting the first and then collecting the rest after the part 2 quest starts.

Springfield Games Pt. 2

Auto starts

Task: Make Lisa Include Go-Kart Racing For the Kids
Time: 3h
Location: Springfield Elementary
Task: Collect Participation Ribbons [x16]

Springfield Games Pt. 3

Auto starts

Task: Make Lisa Encourage Adults to Start Training
Time: 3h
Location: Springfield Elementary
Task: Collect Participation Ribbons [x32]

Upon placing the Springfield Pin Stand, A Prickly Obsession will start, that will earn you a new costume for Lisa, as well as a new character! While collecting pins with Lisa and Fatov, you can also continue the main questline.

Springfield Games Pt. 4

Auto starts

Task: Make Homer Light the Games Cauldron
Time: 3h
Location: Springfield Games Cauldron
Task: Collect Participation Ribbons [x40]

Springfield Games Pt. 5

Auto starts

Task: Make Lisa Explain the Dodecathlon Rules
Time: 3h
Location: Springfield Elementary
Task: Collect Participation Ribbons [x48]

Springfield Games Pt. 6

Auto starts

Task: Make Quimby Watch the Go-Kart Races
Time: 3h
Location: Go-Kart Track
Task: Collect Participation Ribbons [x56]

After part 6, the Go-Kart Track will transform in a building where you can earn cash and experience just like Springfield Downs: Betting on races, Go-Kart Track’s races!

SG Event End Guide

Go-Kart Racing

Go-Kart Track starts

Task: Place a Bet on a Go-Kart Race
Go-Kart Track Bet

The Go-Kart Races’ odds and rewards are:

2-1: 66.01% – $15.000 and 100 XP

9-1: 20% – $50.000 and 150 XP

19-1: 10% – $100.000 and 250 XP

49-1: 4% – $250.000 and 500 XP

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


4 thoughts on “Springfield Games: Kwik-Tap Guide Part 1

  1. Why is it when you complete the monorail sections to gain tracks etc, it says it puts into your inventory – but it doesn’t !!!! I was meant to get two lorries and four donuts – but received nothing!!! Anyone else have this problem?


    • A lorry is what English call a truck which is what Australians call a big wheeler or a semi trailer.
      Sorry homerville but the lorry picture is not the prize. The prizes are displayed when you click on the trophy symbol.
      4 donuts might have come from how much is might cost you to speed things up? I’m not sure but the only donut prizes are 10 or 20 and I think you only get those if you already had the monorail stations from playing the original monorail event.


  2. Are we getting any new land for this new content or are we expected to cramp stuff so close together that our towns looks cramped and unreal! Donuts to spend, items to buy but no land!!


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