Springfield Games: Kwik-Tap Guide Part 2

A new character and a new skin are ready to be unlocked with some pins, but is Lisa going to be fine with her addiction? Find out right after the jump in the part 2 of the Springfield Games Kwik-Tap Guide.

After placing the Springfield Pin Stand, a new quest for Lisa starts.

A Prickly Obsession Pt. 1

Auto starts

Pins Collection
Task: Make Lisa Visit the Springfield Pin Stand
Time: 6s
Location: Springfield Pin Stand

After earning all 6 Pins, you’ll earn the new character Fatov. There’re 2 ways to get each of them: find Fatov every 3 hour, 6 times, to earn a pin. Or send Lisa to her job Play Sax for Pins and collect 30 of them to unlock one pin till you’re done.

A Prickly Obsession Pt. 2

Lisa starts

Task: Make Lisa Buy the Springy Pin
Task: Make Lisa Buy Just One More Pin
Time: 6s
Location: Springfield Pin Stand

A Prickly Obsession Pt. 3

Lisa starts

Task: Make Lisa Play Sax for Pins
Time: 3h
Note: the job is in Pin Collector Lisa’s job list
Completed Pin Collectionunlock_fatov

The two new premium decorations from this year earn 2 Partecipation Ribbons every 3 hours: Half-Pipe and Cristo of Springfield. Another way to earn those extras is to own the Tire Fire.


Bart starts

Task: Make Bart Do Tricks on the Half-Pipe
Time: 3h
Location: Half-Pipe

A mystery box is unlocked after completing Springfield Games Pt. 1 with a small dialogue. Each time you open one, you can earn one of this skins, if not already owned from last year: Jockey Bart with Furious D, Tennis Marge, Ballet Ralph, Kung Fu Comic Book Guy and Toreador Grampa.

Mystery Locker Promo

Skinner starts

Text only

After completing Springfield Games Pt. 3, a quest to promote the Cristo of Springfield starts with Lisa and Rev. Lovejoy.

Cristo of Springfield

Auto starts

Text only

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


5 thoughts on “Springfield Games: Kwik-Tap Guide Part 2

  1. But my Pin Collector Lisa hasn’t been unlocked… 😦
    I succeed to unlock Fatov only tapping hm every 3 hours and collecting all the 6 pins but – NO Lisa’s new skin … and I have the task for her marked with green tick (βœ”) but in fact the task is not done cos I don’t have yet Pin Collector Lisa…
    Whyyyyy??? I even uninstall all the game and reinstall it…went to KL and to any friends then returning in my town but my new LisiTTa is still blocked… 😦


    1. Is the Springfield pin stand placed?


  2. Anybody else having issues with prickly obsession pt 3? The task comes up but gives me no way to have Lisa play the sax for pins through the game’s task list nor in Lisa’s task list.


    1. There seems to be a bug in the task book but it shows in Lisas task list if you have her Pin Collector skin on


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