Item Overview: Half Pipe

Springfield is going for gold in this new mini-event. Can Lisa persuade adults to take part? Is training going to pull anything off? Well one thin is for sure, this mini-event is filled with prizes and a mixture of new and returning items. In this post we review one of the new items to hit the store: the half pipe.

The Half Pipe, or skate park of some type, has been requested for quite a while and ever since I unlocked Bart I felt like I needed a skate park – skating on roads must get a little boring right? So here EA have listened and put a bit price tag on it. Here are the details:

Name: Half Pipe
Price: 100 donuts
Type: Building
Payout: 2sidebar_springfieldgames_ribbons/3hrs

Extra details: Unlocks a cool 3hr animated task for Bart at the Half Pipe

Where did it come from?

This specific half pipe comes from the episode “Barthood” from the Springfield BMX Championships:


As you can see the only thing different is the BMX Championships banner because before the contest it must have just been a half pipe and I think EA wanted it to be used for skating as well – Bart’s task.
Even the scoreboard is the same:


Should you buy it?

At 100 donuts it is a hefty price for a building. It isn’t the worst but for what it does it isn’t the best price.

The animated task is really cool and it does help with the mini-event, but you could definitely and maybe easily complete the mini-event without it. I know it may be tempting because of the nice design, cool task and amount of places to place this but unless you have a good amount of donuts and really want it then I would pass on

Bart’s 3hr animated task is permanent and shows Bart riding up and down the pipe doing cool tricks 😎.


So there you have it: the overview of the half pipe. Have you got it? What did you think of the item? Rememeber ‘Barthood’ and the appearence of the half pipe? Tell us below and happy tapping …


2 thoughts on “Item Overview: Half Pipe

  1. Still haven’t got my stuff back since I contacted EA I lost every event I did and was at level 102 now 16 I played thought I get every thing in my inventory I don’t care about the land just want all my event and premium characters I wanted


    1. how did you lose it? you didn’t have login?


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