Springfield Games Walkthrough: Games of Their Own and Springfield Games Part 1

Its the hot summer and Springfield is ready to hit the Olympics as the Springfield Games are on! Join us right after the jump for the first part of the walkthrough of the main quest of the event!

The new even starts just 2 days before the Olympics does and Lisa wants to go but Homer got a better (?) idea!

Games of Their Own Pt. 1

Auto starts

Lisa: Remember those frequent flyer miles you got after the airline accidentally shipped you as oversized baggage? Let’s use them to go to the Summer Games in Rio!
Homer: Rio in Brazil? No thank you! I got kidnapped there. And then to add insult to injury, they had no sense of humor about it.
Homer: Let’s just host our own unsanctioned event in Springfield!
Lisa: Well I’m usually pro-sanctions, but your idea could really help the town!
Homer: Plus the bribes will have a way better exchange rate.

Task: Make Lisa Petition for Springfield Games
Time: 6s
Location: Town Hall

Quimby: The Springfield Games in Springfield? We already hosted the World Mug of Soccer and Baseball’s Global Sequence, so I don’t see why not.
Homer: Don’t forget the popular Tour De Springfield featuring tricycle legend Lance Weak-Wrist.

Games of Their Own Pt. 2

Lisa starts

Quimby: The Springfield Games? Er, I can’t make such a big decision without consulting my most trusted group of arbitrary advisors.
Fat Tony: As your business and corruption czar, I predict the games will be a boon for the stock market, black market, and possibly even farmers’ market.
Snake: Alright! More tourists means more pockets for the pickin’.
Wiggum: An influx of foreigners? Finally a chance to use that new riot gear we got – it’s the new Necessary Roughness line from Kevlar Klein.
Quimby: The cabinet has spoken! Let the games begin!

Task: Make Snake Plan Tourist Scams
Task: Make Wiggum Plan Police “Assistance”
Task: Make Quimby Announce the Springfield Games
Time: 6s
Location: Town Hall

Quimby: I’m pleased to announce that Springfield has been chosen, by a panel of me, to host the Springfield Games!
Quimby: And like any major citywide event, gala, or riot, our most precocious 8-year-old, Lisa, will handle all the planning.
Lisa: What!? But I JUST got done with the March Anger Tournament.
Bart: Why don’t you just copy the plans made in 1999 when we almost hosted the Springfield Games. That’s what I do with all my homework.
Homer: And if you need a mascot, you can use Springy, the Springfield Spring! He could use the money ever since he lost his mattress endorsement deal.

The Springfield Games has officially started and we’re ready to earn the prizes!

Springfield Games Event Guide

Springfield Games Pt. 1

Auto starts

Lisa: No one wants to help me! I can’t put on these Springfield Games all by myself. It’s not like a production of my one woman show – Sax, the Facts.
Homer: Everyone better help my little girl or I’ll make us play Tap Ball again!
Skinner: Oh God no! My Tap Ball flashbacks are way worse than my Nam ones. You can have the school gym for training and events.
Lisa: Finally, those kids who fail their classes aren’t the only ones lucky enough to be in school during summer!
Lisa: Now I just need suggestions for events. So far I have one request for Tap Ball and 102 requests for anything but Tap Ball.

Springfield Games Pt. 1SFG Jobs
Make Homer Intimidate Springfielders
Time: 3h
Location: Town Hall
Task: Collect Participation Ribbons [x8]

Lisa: We have 12 suggestions but they are a little weird… Footvolley? Shin-Kicking? Get-Out-Of-My Way-I-Don’t-Want-To-Participate-In-Your-Survey Ball?
Bart: No normal sports like Rugby Sevens or Canoeing or Handball?
Homer: Bart, this is an “unsanctioned” Springfield Games – we’re not limited by reason. Why not use all 12 ideas and have a decathlon?
Lisa: Dad, 12 events would be a Dodecathlon.
Homer: Lisa, shut your mouth. Math has no place in sports – ask any baseball fan.

By sending characters to the jobs, you can earn Partecipation Ribbons. On the first part you can send all Springfielders to do it. If you send them apart, you may get a headstart on part two too by collecting the first and then collecting the rest after the part 2 quest starts.

Springfield Games Pt. 2

Auto starts

Bart: Lisa, if I could suggest a lucky 13th event, what about Go-Karts?
Quimby: I don’t know. That would require cars, roads, working brakes – it all sounds so expensive.
Milhouse: Just think, each inevitable Go-Kart fatality means one less school lunch you have to budget for next year.
Bart: Plus Miss Springfield could be the flag girl!
Quimby: Lisa, I, err, demand we add Kid Go-Kart races to the Springfield Games.

Task: Make Lisa Include Go-Kart Racing For the Kids
Time: 3h
Location: Springfield Elementary
Task: Collect Participation Ribbons [x16]

Lugash: Children, listen. If you wish to excel at racing, you must be trained by Lugash.
Bart: Don’t you want to train the actual adults?
Lugash: Lugash cannot teach adults. They know how to stand up for themselves. Plus anyone over the age of 12 is too old for sports, says experts in field. Namely Lugash.
Lugash: Come, let us train in secret. So no one can hear you crying.

Springfield Games Pt. 3

Auto starts

Lisa: These 12 events are not going to be easy! Especially for a town so lazy it has a drive-thru gym… however that works.
Willie: I refuse to compete in anything other than a kilt. And I’m not wearing a cup either.
Otto: Will there be any drug testing in these Springfield Games? I’m asking for a friend.
Skinner: I’m excused from training – I have a note from my mother. She says I’m already a failure, so technically I can’t win.
Lugash: Adults are weak! Like babies! That is why Lugash only trains toddlers to tweens! Now to electrify my students with inspiration, and this cattle prod.

Task: Make Lisa Encourage Adults to Start Training
Time: 3h
Location: Springfield Elementary
Task: Collect Participation Ribbons [x32]

Lisa: Wow, things are really starting to come together. We have sports, athletes, uniforms, but I can’t help but feeling like I’m forgetting something…
Homer: You forgot the real reason why we have a Springfield Games at all! Overpriced merchandise to sell to tourists!

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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