Springfield Games Walkthrough: Springfield Games Part 2 and Go-Kart Racing

The hottest event of the summer continues, with the lighting of the… cauldron! Join us right after the jump for the second part of the walkthrough of the main quest of the event!

Upon placing the Springfield Pin Stand, A Prickly Obsession will start, that will earn you a new costume for Lisa, as well as a new character! While collecting pins with Lisa and Fatov, you can also continue the main questline.

Springfield Games Pt. 4

Auto starts

Lisa: Dad, you were selected by the town to light the Springfield Games flame.
Homer: That’s so sweet. They must love me.
Bart: The torch is a flaming tire from the Tire Fire. And the contest was ‘Nominate the Person Dumb Enough to Accept This Honor.’
Homer: And they chose me over Cletus. I’m so touched.

Task: Make Homer Light the Games Cauldron
Time: 3h
Location: Springfield Games Cauldron
Task: Collect Participation Ribbons [x40]

Homer: Oh God. I almost died!
Bart: We told you about the flaming tire.
Homer: But nobody warned me about all the walking!
Homer: There were stairs too! STAIRS!

Springfield Games Pt. 5

Auto starts

Quimby: Now that the flame is lit I hereby declare that the Springfield Games have begun!
Lisa: The events will be: Tug of War, then a Sack-Race…
Lisa: Followed by Shin-Kicking…
Lisa: Footvolley…
Lisa: And Eukonkanto…
Lisa: Chess boxing…
Lisa: Cheese rolling…
Moe: Listening to this list better be an event. Cause I’m exhausted.

Task: Make Lisa Explain the Dodecathlon Rules
Time: 3h
Location: Springfield Elementary
Task: Collect Participation Ribbons [x48]

Lenny: This event *gasp* won’t end! How many things are we *pant* supposed to do!?
Skinner: It’s a dodecathlon! Twelve *pant* events. I can’t go on…
Barney: None of these *hic* bottles have beer in them. What is this clear *pant* tasteless liquid?
Lisa: I haven’t even fired the starter pistol. All you’ve done is walked from the locker room to the gym.

Springfield Games Pt. 6

Auto starts

Lisa: The Springfield Games are a disaster! Why did I assume this town was in good enough shape to compete in any athletic event, let alone 12!
Bart: It’s not a complete disaster. There’s still one event left!
Lisa: Go-Karts! Of course. We’ll open up the race to the adults.
Lugash: Now is your chance, children. Prove to adults that you’re not just the future, but also the present!
Lugash: Your birth crushed their dreams, now let your Go-Karts crush their bodies!

Task: Make Quimby Watch the Go-Kart Races
Time: 3h
Location: Go-Kart Track
Task: Collect Participation Ribbons [x56]

Quimby: The winner of the Go-Kart Race, and the Springfield Games is Bart…
Quimby: Followed by Martin, Milhouse, and then Nelson!
Lugash: You see! Suffering breeds success, much like Lugash breeds snapping turtles. I am a man of many passions.
Quimby: Congratulations boys. Here are your prizes – gift cards!
Quimby: You would have had medals but medal-smithing was the 11th Dodecathalon event and no one came close to finishing.

After part 6, the Go-Kart Track will transform in a building where you can earn cash and experience just like Springfield Downs: Betting on races, Go-Kart Track’s races!

SG Event End Guide

Go-Kart Racing

Go-Kart Track starts

Fat Tony: Fixing children’s Go-Kart Races. This is almost as low as when we held that baby’s nose hostage for weeks.
Fat Tony: You there, you look like a smart lad. You’re going to throw this race in the third lap.
Martin: That’s cheating! I refuse. It’s man’s code of ethics that separates us from the animals.
Fat Tony: Do it or I’ll break your legs.
Martin: Caving on your principles out of fear is another thing that separates us from the animals.

Task: Place a Bet on a Go-Kart Race
Go-Kart Track Bet

Fat Tony: I’m glad you came around to my way of thinking, kid.
Martin: I didn’t mean to lose! I thought I was sure to win with trigonometry on my side. I guess math isn’t the steroid I thought it was.
Fat Tony: Sure, whatever helps you sleep at night. For me, it’s a white noise machine.

The Go-Kart Races’ odds and rewards are:

2-1: 66.01% – $15.000 and 100 XP

9-1: 20% – $50.000 and 150 XP

19-1: 10% – $100.000 and 250 XP

49-1: 4% – $250.000 and 500 XP

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


3 thoughts on “Springfield Games Walkthrough: Springfield Games Part 2 and Go-Kart Racing

  1. I don’t have the Go-Kart track unlocked for racing yet, but does anyone who does have it know what the XP payout for losing a race is?

    I ask because Springfield Downs pays 50 XP for a loss, and knowing that means the 9:1 and 19:1 bets there are the best one to play consistently. At least according to my math:

    Springfield Downs payouts:
    2:1 $6000+75XP x 50.5%= $3030+63XP
    5:1 $12000+100XP x 25.25%= $3030+63XP
    9:1 $20000+150XP x 15.15%= $3030+65XP
    19:1 $40000+250XP x 7.57%= $3030+65XP
    99:1 $200000+500XP x 1.51%= $3030+57XP

    All pay the same $3030 net profit per play, but 9:1 and 19:1 pay slightly more XP than any of the other wagers. If I knew what the Go-Kart consolation prize for losing a race was, I could do the same math for it. 🙂


  2. The white racer looks like The Stig.


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