Item Overview: Cristo of Springfield

Springfield is pulling off the first ever Springfield Games in our towns in this new mini-event. Full of prizes, dialogue and items in store there is plenty of information to find out. In this post we explore Cristo of Springfield a new item added to this mini-event.

Where did it come from?

The name ‘Cristo of Springfield’ is a Tapped Out exclusive but it I’d an obvious parody of Christ the Redeemer, named differently for permission reasons, using Cristo, from the Brazilian Portuguese original name Cristo Redentor.

Christ the Redeemer is in the episode ‘Blame it on Lisa’:


and ‘You Don’t Have to Live Like a Referee’, which EA used as appearance for the game:


and more recently, Homer, dressed as Duffman, placed with an helicopter a giant Duff Beer can on its hand for a commercial in “Waiting for Duffman”:


The Details:


Name: Cristo of Springfield
Type: Decoration
Price: 60 donuts
Payout: 2 sidebar_springfieldgames_ribbons/3hrs

What it does: Stands there, does nothing and ‘thinking about dancing’

Should you buy it?

Honestly, pass! It does nothing and offers no practical use for your town.
However, if you really do love it, would regret not having it in your town and have loads of donuts then get it.

Final Verdict:
Unless you honslestly love it and have the donuts pass.

Consider the Lugash Gym rebate – really good offer. Get it!

Quick Design Tip: You could make it look taller and more powerful by raising it up with some 3D art – hedges.

So there you have the overview of Cristo of Springfield. A statue decoration that does nothing offered at a above-average price.

Tell us what you think below! Ever been to Rio? Did you get it? Where did you place it if you did? Are you ‘thinking about dancing’? Happy tapping 😋


3 thoughts on “Item Overview: Cristo of Springfield

  1. Ihadthetimeofmylife 08/08/2016 — 16:31

    Cristo is not from the Italian, It’s from the Brazilian Portuguese original name “Cristo Redentor”


  2. It should of been placed on a mountain or a hill then I would of bought it. How big is it anyway?


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