Springfield Games Walkthrough: A Prickly Obsession

An old obsession has taken over Lisa and this time it brings some good in our town: a new playable character! Join us right after the jump for walkthrough of Pin Collector Lisa!

After placing the Springfield Pin Stand, a new quest for Lisa starts.

A Prickly Obsession Pt. 1

Auto starts

System Message: Play through the questline to unlock Lisa’s Pin Collector outfit.
Lisa: Of course! We need merch! And we need the best, most popular merch there is!
Lisa: A Pin Stand!
Bart: Are you sure, Lis? Remember what happened last time you collected pins?
Lisa: I may have lost control last time, tarnished my dignity, and pawned that necklace Mom gave me. But I’m all better.
Lisa: If I was in AA, I’d have a ten year pin by now! Oh man, I want that AA pin!
System Message: Fatov is somewhere in your town. Find and tap him to recieve a Springfield Games Pin.
System Message: Fatov will appear in your town every 3 hours. Tap him to get a Springfield Games Pin. Unlock them all and get Fatov in your Springfield!
Pins Collection

Task: Make Lisa Visit the Springfield Pin Stand
Time: 6s
Location: Springfield Pin Stand

After earning all 6 Pins, you’ll earn the new character Fatov. There’re 2 ways to get each of them: find Fatov every 3 hour, 6 times, to earn a pin. Or send Lisa to her job Play Sax for Pins and collect 30 of them to unlock one pin till you’re done.

A Prickly Obsession Pt. 2

Lisa starts

Homer: Look, Lisa! There’s a Springy pin! That’s the mascot I invented!
Lisa: I suppose it is. Maybe I should support my Dad. There’s no harm in buying one, is there?
Lisa: Well no one answered my largely rhetorical question, so I’ll buy it!

Task: Make Lisa Buy the Springy Pin
Time: 6s
Location: Springfield Pin Stand

Lisa: This Springy pin is so shiny, so sparkly, so… lonely!
Lisa: Maybe I’ll get one more. Hey, this one’s about skiing. It’s called The Slippery Slope.

Task: Make Lisa Buy Just One More Pin
Time: 6s
Location: Springfield Pin Stand

A Prickly Obsession Pt. 3

Lisa starts

Pin Collector Lisa: Just look at all these pins. But I can still see a little bit of shirt. Just a few more, for purely aesthetic reasons, and it will be a perfect collection.
Marge: I don’t like this at all. This reminds me of last timeā€¦
Marge: You were playing sax on the street corner, just to get one more taste of sweet, sweet pin. I don’t want you to sully jazz’s reputation with something like addiction.
Pin Collector Lisa: Mom, I’m totally in control. Now on an unrelated note, can you give me a ride to underneath the bridge?

Task: Make Lisa Play Sax for Pins
Time: 3h
Note: the job is in Pin Collector Lisa’s job list

Marge: Lisa, this is an intervention. We have all prepared letters to inform you how your pin collecting has hurt us.
Homer: Number 1, I had to write a letter. Number 2, paper cut. No, wait, that’s just ketchup.
Pin Collector Lisa: You’re right! I thought I was smart enough to stop myself but clearly I wasn’t.
Marge: Maybe you can use this experience for good, help others with the same problem.
Homer: Number 3, I’m not done with my list of numbers yet.
System Message: Have Lisa complete the job “Play Sax for Pins” to obtain additional Pins for your collection.
Completed Pin Collectionunlock_fatov

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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