Springfield Games Premium Walkthrough: Half-Pipe, Cristo of Springfield and Mystery Locker Promo

Hot donuts are spent in this event when the Olympics arrive in Springfield and link us to Rio! Join us right after the jump for the walkthrough of the premium items of the event!

The two new premium decorations from this year earn 2 Partecipation Ribbons every 3 hours: Half-Pipe and Cristo of Springfield. Another way to earn those extras is to own the Tire Fire.


Bart starts

Otto: Gnarly! We’ve finally got a half-pipe!
Bart: I can’t believe this took so long.
Otto: I tried, believe me. Piece of advice, don’t try to cut corners when building a half pipe. Because it’s supposed to be perfectly round.
Otto: I would shred, but I forgot my board at home… or at work. I guess I forgot where I forgot my board.

Task: Make Bart Do Tricks on the Half-Pipe
Time: 3h
Location: Half-Pipe

Otto: That was awesome, little dude. Have you ever considered taking it to the next level?
Bart: Going pro? It’s crossed my mind.
Otto: No man, I meant in this game. I’m bored of this update.

A mystery box is unlocked after completing Springfield Games Pt. 1 with a small dialogue. Each time you open one, you can earn one of this skins, if not already owned from last year: Jockey Bart with Furious D, Tennis Marge, Ballet Ralph, Kung Fu Comic Book Guy and Toreador Grampa.

Mystery Locker Promo

Skinner starts

Skinner: These abandoned lockers will make a great capsule hotel for visiting Japanese businessmen, clown families, and the just plain broke.
Willie: We’ll make a wee fortune during the Springfield Games. ACK! What is that stench?
Skinner: Don’t look inside. I can’t risk another suffocated nerd on my record.
Willie: Why don’t ye sell ‘em off, like on those TV shows? One man’s trash is another man’s legal liability.
System Message: The other lockers are actually full of fantastic prizes! Purchase a Mystery Locker in the store and get one of 5 specially selected sports items.

After completing Springfield Games Pt. 3, a quest to promote the Cristo of Springfield starts with Lisa and Rev. Lovejoy.

Cristo of Springfield

Auto starts

Lisa: The dodecathlon participants seem even less motivated than I’d thought they’d be.
Rev. Lovejoy: That’s because they haven’t been properly encouraged.
Rev. Lovejoy: There’s nothing more inspiring than a giant statue of Jesus watching and judging you.
Rev. Lovejoy: There’s a reason the collection plate is so full on Sundays.
Homer: Ahh, I already fail Jesus at church, work, and home. Why do I have to fail in front of him here too?
System Message: Motivate your athletes with “Christo of Springfield” now in the store!

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


4 thoughts on “Springfield Games Premium Walkthrough: Half-Pipe, Cristo of Springfield and Mystery Locker Promo

  1. Lol fun dialogue between Bart and Otto. It’s expensive for a decoration that just adds a 3 hour task for Bart, but I still might pick up the half pipe before the event ends.


  2. will there be a Y piece available because the tunnel through the mountains does not work without one.


    1. I read that the first weekly prize and the fifth weekly prize after the Dilapidated Rail Yard kicked off would be rail pass throughs of the mountain. You’ll get a second one the fifth week you complete your weekly rail missions.


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