Springfield Games: Guide to Pin Collecting and Fatov

Lisa has a true addiction for pins, not again 😉, arriving in our games with a new mini-game for this mini-event unlocking a mini-character (actually it is just a character).

Guide posts are fun to do, in my opinion, and I know this is a new aspect of the game so here is my guide to pin collecting, Pin Collecting Lisa and Fatov …


It all starts when you unlock the Pin Collecting stand. You will be asked whether you want to place/store it:

You will see this pop-up:


Then a dialogue will appear with Bart and Lisa, covered in later walkthrough post, and you will see the pop up:


Let’s come back to Fatov and the mini-game once we find out more about Pin Collecting Lisa. So after the placement of the stand there will be a quest. Here is the brief  Kwik tap of the quest:

A Prickly Obsession Pt. 1
Make Lisa Visit the Springfield Pin Stand, 6s

A Prickly Obsession Pt. 2
Make Lisa Buy the Springy Pin, 6s

After completion:
Make Lisa Buy Just One More Pin, 6s

And then you will unlock Pin Collecting Lisa:

A Prickly Obsession Pt. 3
Make Lisa play sax for pins (animated)
If you haven’t collected all pins:
3hrs and earns 1 pin, 35XP
If you have all pins:
24hrs task

So what are all these pins for?
Pin Collecting Breakdown

With the placement of the stand you will unlock a mini-game.

Basically you need to collect all of the pins to unlock Fatov as a playable character.

The empty pin collection:

Pins Collection

You can access your pin collection by tapping on your pin-collecting stand.


You can earn pins by making Lisa do her animated 3hr task (earning 1 random pin) or by tapping Fatov.


As explainined in a previous pop-up: Fatov will appear as a NPC in your Springfield every 3hrs. You will get this message when he is in your town:


All you do is find him, tap him and you will get a random pin for the collection.


Hint: If you can’t find him or can’t be bothered to find him then tap on the icon on the task book list and then click ‘do it’ to be taken to him:


The pin that you get from Lisa’s task and from tapping Fatov is random meaning that you could get a pin you already got. You will get this message, pin varies, if you get a pin you already have:


If this happens, then you get a bottle cap which you can trade for a pin that you don’t have if you have 30 caps.

Apart from using Lisa’s 3hr task or tapping Fatov every 3hrs you can buy all the pins that you don’t have for donuts.

Completed Pin Collection

Fatov infomation

unlock_fatovFatov Unlock

After unlocking all 6 pins then you unlock Fatov!
He is a playable character so here are his tasks:

  • Dance with Homer – 1hr (animated), earns $175, 43XP
  • Exercise – 4hrs (animated), earns $260, 70XP
  • Watch TV – 8hrs (at Simpson’s House), earns $420, 105xp
  • Nap in the Brown House – 12hrs (at the Brown House – clues in the name!), earns $600, 150XP
  • Drink Excessively – 24hrs (at Moe’s), earns $1,000, 225XP

So there you have it. The guide to all you need to know for Pin Collecting and Fatov. Hope you enjoyed my first guide here at TopiX 😊

Have you gotten the pin stand yet? Are you a pin collecting addict? Love to see Fatov dance with Homer? Wish Pin Collecting Lisa had more than 1 animated task? Tell us below and happy tapping …


6 thoughts on “Springfield Games: Guide to Pin Collecting and Fatov

  1. I can’t finish the go-karting task. I know that the event is over, but for weeks now all the guys are being prompted to race and so is Fatov


    1. what part of the questline are you on?


  2. I was wondering do you know what will be the next event or rumors your hearing? Always thank you for your time and hard work very much appreciate it. 🙂


    1. The Kindle update info might be a hint of Springfield Heights but who knows.


  3. Event taken down already????


    1. No. Why?
      Last prize is not a building, it is mislabled, it is the ability to race the Go-Karts, like the dogs at Springfield Downs.


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