Special Guest Stephen Hawking and a science event are coming soon!

A new event teaser has been released by EA on their Facebook page:
A special guest is rolling into town! And it’s not Albert the World’s Fattest Man! Be ready for science, robots, and more in an update coming soon!
And that’s Stephen Hawking with his wheelchair, the game’s first ever special guest!
Together with him we might get the Operation Exodus Shuttle, unreleased since Treehouse of Horror 2015 event files!

Let’s wait for this week (probably on the 16th, date in which the Springfield Games event ends and also all devices with an operative system inferior to Android 3 or iOs 7 will stop working) for the new science event! Find out more next!


10 thoughts on “Special Guest Stephen Hawking and a science event are coming soon!

  1. I bought the iPad Pro 12.9 just for the new game upgrades !! Just kidding ,I did buy the 12.9 tho 🙂
    No ,Hawking is NOT retarded !! 😳


  2. Angryatheworlds666 08/16/2016 — 01:47

    I can’t wait. I used to love Stephen Hawking’s books when I was younger. But as I got older I started thinking it doesn’t make sense. I started thinking it is less likely that he is a genius with mind reading technology that nobody else has ever had access to, and probably likely that some rich people have simply exploited a retarded person and duped us all with this story of the crippled genius. Just my opinion. Anyway. I’m still excited about the upgrade and the new event. I have high hopes. I think EA is going to go big, hence the synchronozation with the event/mobile upgrade. I think they are going to unleash some of the major improvements to gameplay and animation that they have been sitting on. Again just my opinion. Anyone else excited about this upgrade? Am I dumb for thinking it will be worth having a newer phone?


  3. Are you absolutely positive the minimum Android requirement will be 3, and not 4.3? I still do have a few Android 2.3 devices (which came directly prior to Android 3), and TSTO has not been supported on those for ages.


    1. Yes. EA says minimum 3 (honeycomb) for androids, however having at least honeycomb does not mean you absolutely can download the game, there are other requirements as well that can make the device uncompatible.


  4. Tapatapatapa 08/15/2016 — 06:58

    Looks like I’ll have to expand my Frink compound! Hoorah for science!


  5. I’ve been waiting for steven hawking to show up for years. Woohoo


  6. They could have done more with olympics. I was expecting them to add to prizes.


    1. the fact is copyright issues for them. but next’s something unexpected: a special guest with S.Hawkins!


  7. I hope they offer up more land because I have no space left to build on !!


  8. Good Glayvin! From this geek’s point of view…this is the most exciting TSTO news in ages!!

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