EA article reveals the next event’s Splashscreen?

An article by EA discovered by an user on EA forum, shows us the next event’s Splashscreen! Join us right after the jump for all the details!

In the article that you can find here, it shows how to contact EA in the game. But it also shows two new things:

a Get help button ingame, in the top right corner of the build menu.


and something big: the next event Splashscreen!


We can see buildings from the episodes of the show set in the future, like Future-drama or Holidays of Future Passed. The first one of note is the Johnson’s Teleporters, from a billboard in Holidays of Future Passed.

And of course we can note the Black Hole from Treehouse of Horror XXIII – “The Greatest Story Ever Holed”, already present in our towns from the release of the Super Collider in the THOH XXIII event.

What we can expect? Check out HappyTapper’s speculation post in the meantime and let’s wait for the official release of the update next! Hopefully soon, probably tomorrow once the Springfield Games ends! Happy tapping and see you all in the future!


5 thoughts on “EA article reveals the next event’s Splashscreen?

  1. Tapatapatapa 08/16/2016 — 12:51

    Ha ha I wonder if we’ll get Homer’s putt putt hover car?


  2. Crazy_dino82 08/16/2016 — 08:17

    My game keeps asking me to download 1 gb of updates. This it has happened three time the last 2 weeks.. anyone else having this problem?


    1. It seems like your device clears the cache of Tapped Out. Every update is stored in the cache. If you (on purpose) or your device (because you have a full storage) clears the cache-files the game redownloads years worth of updates.


      1. Daniel Fawcett 08/16/2016 — 15:33

        Yeah, my iPhone was doing this a while back. Stipped when I freed up loads of space by moving all the photos to my desktop.


  3. EA still have not given my musing content and missing out on the Olympic guest barely started today had to use donuts to rush some of the event just to get some of the prizes would of liked to have my place back but looks like they not giving me anything back lost 5000 worth of premium characters and buildings I had to donut rush just to get to town hall


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