HT’s Speculation: Science fun, coming soon!

HappyTapper (HT) here for some fun speculation to kick-start your week. I love a bit of speculation – using Simpsons knowledge, teasers and imagination to dream for what EA could add to a future update.

Last night we received the first teaser for a new update coming soon so read on for more news and a list of content that I want to see with what could be coming …

Teaser #1 – August 15th:

“A special guest is rolling into town! And it’s not Albert the World’s Fastest Man! Be ready for science, robots and more in an update coming soon”


We know that Stephen Hawking is coming to our towns in the next update due to the greyed out picture of him and the many clues in the teaser: “rolling into town”, “science”. Stephen Hawking will be the first ever Guest Star – apart from Matt Groening but that doesn’t count – to appear as themselves in TSTO. Stephen Hawking has appeared in the following:

So you can see that due to his many appearances in the show he deserves to roll around our towns.  I think it is amazing that he is arriving into Springfield as the first ever guest star and I hope this opens a whole portal of future guest star characters – Please can Nimrod be next EA!

I hope he comes with a DJ animated task and a “blast off” task at the gazebo – or anywhere really!

This teaser is the most exciting teaser I know not only announcing the first ever guest star but also teasing and hinting at the next event – and it sounds awesome!

The teaser says “Be ready for science, robots and more in an update coming soon” so that means some fun science and techy items are coming soon. Here are my main ideas – in no particular order – of what could be coming next:

  1. A Future/Time Travel event – Homer messes something up and you can use a time travel feature to change skins of characters. A lot of really good future episodes to base this on! A time travel event would include skins from great history episodes along with future content!
  2. A Springfield Collage event with the nerds, the dean and Stephen Hawking lecturing – with science stuff.
  3. A science in general event with tech, robots and science related items.

I think that this will hit Tuesday the 16th (tomorrow) with the OS limit, giving EA chance to do soming BIG, but we don’t know for sure and Wednesday is a popular event day. Who knows, maybe they will release it Thursday?

So with the hints of a sci-fi, robot, future event … What content do I want to see?

This is my favourite part of speculating: imagining and using Simpsons knowledge combined with facts and imagination to come up with content that they could add. Please note there is a lot of content that they could add. This is narrowed down 🙂

With the mention of robots here are a few robot themed items that I want to see:

  • wp-1471280499903.jpg
    D39 (from “Them, Robobots”)

    • When workers are replaced by robots at the Nucelar Plant in this moral episode we see D39 one of the robot workers who was Homer’s friend, understanding his issues.
    • Could come as: NPC or Playable Character
  • wp-1471280576419.png
    Cyborg Bart (from “Treehouse of Horror XVI”)

    • When Bart is replaced by a robotic boy David, Bart competes for their families love. Later being dumped in the woods, Bart uses old robot parts to seek revenge.
    • Come as: Skin for Bart
  • wp-1471280609530.jpg
    David (from “Treehouse of Horror XVI”)

    • David from the above description 😉
    • Could come as: NPC or Playable character (Possible task: trim hedges)
  • wp-1471280663521.jpg
    Itchy & Scratchy robots (from “Itchy & Scratchy Land”)

    • These robots patrol Itchy & Scratchy Land programmed to attack each other but not visitors. The robots soon started to attack visitors and master though!
    • Could come as: NPCs
  • wp-1471280670821.jpg
    Chief Knock-A-Homer (from “I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot”)

    • A robot built by Homer to impress Bart but it was actually Homer inside on a tricycle controlling the bot and not Bart’s remote – like he thought!
    • Could come as: skin for homer
  • wp-1471280694501.png
    Marge-Bot (from “The Heartbroke Kid”)

    • Featured in a short fantasy scene when Homer imagines if a robot could replace Marge
    • Could come as: NPC
  • wp-1471280728399.jpg
    Robot Wrestling ring (from “Mayored to the Mob”)

    • Features robots like C3PO and R2D2 fighting. Would be a nice building with ongoing animation of fighting robots.
    • Come as: a building –could buy NPC robots to fight at the ring like buying the felons for the Orphan Alley.
  • wp-1471280756704.jpg
    Robopet (from “Replaceable You”)

    • Robotic pets made by Martin and Bart to liven up the elderly. Baby Seals are sooo cute!
    • Come as: NPCs that when tapped get angry
  • wp-1471280842203.jpg
    And … Bender!
    (from many episodes but his main appearance is with the other Futurama members in “Simpsorama”)

    • I rEAlly want to see Bender in the game and I would pay out a huge heap of donuts to see him in our games, especially if he was voiced with the catchphrase (“Bite my shiny metal ass!”). I know DrewDabble would be over the moon as an understatemtent to see Bender in our games – just check out his blog for proof!

The teaser also mentions “science” so here is a few – because I couldn’t think of much – items that they could add along that theme:

  • wp-1471280886741.png
    Professor Frink’s son – featured in two episodes he could come with an aeroplane animated task. Why not bring Mrs Frink and the whole family too?
  • wp-1471280898732.gif
    The nerds – These reccuring characters would make a fun addition to the game and would fit right in to a science or collage event with the dean and the mascot
  • wp-1471281030374.jpg
    Solar Car and more inventions – many episodes feature funny inventions that would make fun appearances in our games. One of my favourites is the car run on the self satisfaction of Scientists in “Homer to the Max”. Tell us inventions you want to see in the game in the comments
  • wp-1471281061021.jpg
    A time travel feature

    • I really want this! A feature where you can select a time period and the theme of the game, characters and content would change to fit that time theme – perfect for science or future/time travel event!
  • Science Fair Banner/Area or skin for the school

A future/time travel event is possible due to a hint from the Superheroes 2 takedown description.

It said ” doppelgangers from another dimension” so the “doppelgangers” could be the skins from a different time period (Tracey Ullman shorts, future etc) and “another dimension” could mean a different time period.
Here are some great future episodes that EA could base a future event around:

  • wp-1471281172898.gif
    Future-Drama – A favourite episode of mine. Would love to see the underwater house, don’t know how they would do it though, and Homer’s floating car!
  • Holidays_of_Future_Passed_116
    Holidays of Future Passed
    – little too early too talk about Christmas but has some nice future content
  • wp-1471281161130.png
    Bart to the Future – Lisa as president would make a nice skin along with a future skin for Bart and maybe Martin.

If there is going to be a future event then I just hope that there will be cool future content like seem in Simpsorama (one of the best episodes – in my opinion!) like Flying Cars.

Returns and Rebatesitems that I want to see return or put on offer for a science/future event:

  • Rebate in Frink and Frink’s Lab
  • Return of Teleport Alpha and Beta
  • Rebate on Robby the Automatron
  • Return of Frink’s Robot Dog
  • Return of Truckasaurus

Something else that might come are this unreleased items:

I have a feeling that there will be another teaser today do keep a look out and if a second teaser changes my opinion then look out for a part 2 post. Remember this is only some of what I want to see

Well whatever is coming I am super excited! Speculate on what you think below … We love hearing from you so go on … comment! Tell us what you want to see. Whatdo you think the teaser means? What event do you think is next? When do you think it will come?

Happy tapping…


7 thoughts on “HT’s Speculation: Science fun, coming soon!

  1. Daniel Fawcett 08/16/2016 — 13:40

    It’s Stephen Hawking, not Hawkings.


    1. One Stephen Hawking, two Stephen Hawkings 😛


  2. TheRealTiminator 08/16/2016 — 09:54

    What a fitting tribute it would be to have an R2D2 in our games, due to the recent demise of the actor who was inside him.
    R2 was always my favourite Star Wars character since I was a little kid, leading to many rows with my Chewbacca loving sister.
    R.I.P Kenny Baker.


    1. 😥 I agree and think it would be amazing to have him as an NPC go around our town!


    2. I’ve bought the “Blocko” representation of R2D2 to commemorate him.


  3. feliciafancy 08/15/2016 — 19:37

    What a lot of possibilities! I’d love to see the Itchy and Scratchy robots.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. RATS, I just spend all my bonuts on Toreador Abe 😦


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