SciFi Event coming!

The SciFi event is coming soon! Just need to wait a few hours for the store update (first on iOs as usual I can bet) and we can start playing what seems to be a great event based on what I can see in the files! Join us next time for the details on this new event! Happy tapping!


18 thoughts on “SciFi Event coming!

  1. Still no update on Android


  2. Live on iOS!


  3. Hope IT will work
    I can not play ……Block now 3 weeks …..
    I have a asus tablet ……


  4. Still no update :/


  5. maisonderriere 08/16/2016 — 14:40

    This is a great opportunity for a whole ton of Futurama content


    1. none. futurama is not licensed by fox anymore

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      1. Yet, They are using Futurama is a upcoming app game with Family Guy,American Dad,Bob Burgers and King of the Hill


    2. Video game rights:

      Simpsons – EA
      Futurama – Wooga
      Family Guy – TinyCo (SGN)


      1. Then how did Bender appear in a dialogue with Homer some few events/couple of years back?


        1. Using a head icon is diff from using the character


          1. Oh. Then I’m sure Disney won’t mind if…


        2. He was actually going to be a character in an episode tie in mini event, but then legal stepped in.


          1. Damn the legal system over this!! Grrrrr

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    3. lorcanthehedgehog 08/16/2016 — 17:30

      I was thinking of the same thing but There was Simporama and due to legal issues, They couldn’t use Futurama in the game


      1. one thing is matt groening using it, the other is EA unfortunatly and EA has the exclusive rights only to Simpsons Games


        1. lorcanthehedgehog 08/16/2016 — 20:02

          That could explain why The Simpsons are not in that game


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