SciFi Event is Live!

The SciFi event update has hit the stores! Join us soon for all the infos you’ll need on the event! Homer starts the quest!
Black holes, donut holes and a scientist who rolls!

Professor Stephen Hawking has come to Springfield to take part in the town’s greatest scientific discovery since Blinky the three-eyed fish!
Join Professor Hawking as you explore the secrets of black holes, stop an army of robots, and listen to his lecture on string theory… probably shouldn’t have ended on that one… Featuring dimensionally different duplicates, futuristic architecture, and more!

Will you be able to save Springfield from science?


7 thoughts on “SciFi Event is Live!

  1. Will anything be able to be placed in KrustyLand? Some items would fit decent over there and could revive KL


  2. Wow shocker! Another event in the same, old, worn out format that had crap prizes and full of useless clutter. Still waiting on some staple characters and we get this boring mess. Don’t mean to be a downer but I can’t help it. Time to change the format and length of events.


  3. naked-ghoul 08/16/2016 — 21:05

    It’s live on Android now too


  4. Not on androids phones?


    1. as usual android needs to wait cause ea seems to have a deal with iOs to get them first


      1. tiffany7291 08/16/2016 — 21:29

        I always wondered what that was about?! It’s like “Marsha,Marsha, Marsha” but “iPhone,iPhone,iPhone”


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