SciFi: Event Dates

Every event have set dates certain times having us rushing to get through them
this one is no exception. Join us right after the jump to the future for the list of all dates of the SciFi Event! Please note that this post contains SPOILERS of the event!

All times are to be considered 8am BST.

Date Event
8/16-9/20 Event
Springfield of Tomorrow Sign
Holo Hedges
5 Flashes
Giant Robot
8/16-8/30 Act 1
Soul Extraction Institute w/RoboBurns and Doggy Smithers
Robot Salvage License (90 Donuts)
8/16-8/23 Forgotten Grave w/Frank Grimes (in event section)
8/16-9/13 Black Hole
8/18-8/25 Efcot Center
Super Collider w/Black Hole
8/22-9/20 SciFi Campaign (15 free donuts)
(activated by 3.30pm BST Server Update)
8/22-9/13 Elysium Project
8/23-8/30 Holo-Bundle
Holo Flower Hedge
Open Air Stage (in event section)
Portal to Rigel 7
8/23-9/3 Springfield Hyperstadium w/Rockstar Maggie
8/25-9/1 Murderpuss (in event section)
Robby the Automaton (in event section)
8/27-9/3 Human Test Subjects
Electric Car Bundle
8/30-9/13 Act 2
Robot Salvage License (60 Donuts)
Frink’s Robot Dog
Frinkosonic MHV
Frink’s Lab w/Professor Frink and LadyBot
Future-Proofed Home w/LadyBot
Future-Proofed Home
Big Digi-Ben
9/3-9/10 Re-Neducation Center
Mechanical Ants
Mechanical Ant Alpha
Mechanical Ant Beta
Mechanical Ant Gamma
Mechanical Ant Delta
9/6-9/13 Future Monument
Teleporter Zeta and Teleporter Tetha
Teleporter 4 Pack (Alpha, Omega, Tetha, Zeta)
Self-Reliant House
9/8-9/15 Mars Colony
Ultrahouse 2
9/13-9/20 Act 3
Give Apes the Vote Billboard
Rocket to Your Doom
Cremo Bot
Robot Salvage License (30 Donuts)
Home of Tomorrow w/Rocket Car and Chester Lampwick
Home of Tomorrow
9/20-9/28 Robot, Drone
10/20 Event quest Kill Date

Robot and Drone requires the installation of the Takedown store update.

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


19 thoughts on “SciFi: Event Dates

  1. The post says Frink’s Lab will be available 8/30-8/15, do you mean 8/30-9/15??? Thanks! 🙂


  2. For the daily challenge you are asked to use the flash for the fight but the challenge is not complete. I have tried 4 times with no success.


    1. some users have reported it not working you may want to skip the Dc till EA fixes it 😦


  3. Will rockstar maggie be a separate character or a premium skin?


    1. Separate. All are characters no skin


  4. Is there goin to be a bonus system for players that have certain characters/ buildings from previous events, as was done a few events ago?


      1. A few events back, i think last Xmas? there was a thing where you got an extra bonus if you had an item that was being re released. i know i got donuts at least once for already having a building. –


  5. In my game the Forgotten Grave w/Frank Grimes is on sale for 160 donuts. There is no sign of a rebate.


    1. sorry we’re still sorting all out and i already had it so i couldn’t check


      1. Do not worry. Thanks for the massive amount of information you provide for all the tappers. EA should take you on their pay roll.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. I don’t see any rebate on Frank Grimes. You need to do some quest first or what?


    1. it’s the cube that goes around other people’s towns


      1. I wanted to get him, but i have time. Mabye Gil will give a hime rebate durning Black Friday.

        Two other questions:
        1) Rockstar Maggie – NPC or playable? I just want to be sure.
        2) Lady Bot – NPC or playable?
        3) On wikisimpsons i see bundle: Home of Tomorrow, Rocket Car and Chester Lampwick for 40 donuts? Another mistake?

        I already bought Robo Burns and Doggy Smithers and I’m left with 246 donuts, so I’ve to know what is the best use of rest of my donuts 😉


        1. playable
          yes it’s 160 with 60 rebate


          1. Thanks 🙂


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