SciFi: Act 1 Walkthrough Part 1

Stephen Hawking, the first ever Special Guest of the game, is officially a Springfielder now, in the newest event: SciFi! Join us right after the jump for the first part of the Act 1 Walkthrough of the event!

A new event has started and Professor Frink is ready to take his place in it, it’s science after all.

Dark Matters Pt. 1

Auto starts

Professor Frink: Ladies and gentleflavens, mark this day on your calendar! For today begins a glorious new age of scientific discovery!
Homer: Sorry, I already marked today as Taco Tuesday. And I wrote it in pen.
Professor Frink: Sir, I don’t actually care about your salsa-stained calendar. I was trying to sound dramatic.
Homer: Try harder.
Professor Frink: Very well. Behold my latest invention… drum roll please… with the drumming and the rolling… the PolyVac!
Lisa: Neat! What is it, some kind of super-computer-controlled particle detector for studying black holes?
Professor Frink: Actually, little girl, it’s a super-computer-controlled, uh… yes, exactly. What she said.

Build the PolyVac

Dark Matters Pt. 2

Auto starts

Professor Frink: Now, all we need to study a black hole is a, uh, black hole to study.
Bart: Black holes suck!
Marge: Bart! Watch your language, unless you meant that as a scientific observation.
Bart: Rest assured, madam, I did not.
Professor Frink: The potty-mouthed lad is correct. Black holes absorb, or colloquially, “suck,” everything within their event horizon.
Bart: Dammit! I hate accidentally making scientific observations.
Marge: Professor, is it safe to have a black hole within just a few squares of our schools and peanut carts?
Homer: Relax, Marge, he’s a scientist! He wouldn’t ask us to do anything dangerous.
Professor Frink: Quite right, Homer. Now grab a mouthful of that plutonium over there and spit it into this boiling acid to initiate the black hole implosion.
Homer: I’m way ahead of you!

Task: Make Homer Spit Plutonium Into Acid to Form the Black Hole
Time: 6s
Location: PolyVac

Professor Frink: Now, using the PolyVac, I will prove once and for all that nothing can escape the black hole!
Lisa: But didn’t the great physicist Stephen Hawking theorize that black holes emit particles known as Hawking radiation?
Professor Frink: Hawking Shmawking! I’m sick of that know-it-all with his fancy awards and his show-off chair. There’s no such thing as Hawking Radiation.
Hawking Radiation: That’s not what I heard.
Professor Frink: Who said that, in a strangely familiar computerized voice?
Quest reward: Stephen Hawking

The first ever Special Guest of the game has joined our town: none other than Stephen Hawking!

Dark Matters Pt. 3

Auto starts

Professor Frink: Great Caesar’s Gloiven, it’s Stephen Hawking! B-but how did you get here?
Lisa: The Hawking Radiation condensed into a physical manifestation of Hawking himself!
Stephen Hawking: Thereby conclusively proving the existence of my namesake radiation. Now I’m sure to win the Nobel Prize, and maybe the even more prestigious Hawking Medal.
Professor Frink: I’ve never even won the Frink Medal.
Stephen Hawking: I surmise black holes are actually terminal endpoints of wormholes leading to parallel universes. We’ll need someone brave and expendable to test my theory.
Homer: Not me, buddy! I’m sick of doing tasks. How come Moleman never has to do anything?
Hans Moleman: Yes, pick me, please, I’m begging you.
Stephen Hawking: This sounds like a job for Homer Simpson.
Homer: Grrr. Okay. But I swear, crawling into this singularity is the last task I’ll ever do!
Stephen Hawking: Probably. Now wriggle on in there.
Homer: Sheesh, this wormhole is kind of tight… can you let out the event horizon a little?
Stephen Hawking: I said wriggle!

Task: Make Homer Wriggle Through the Wormhole
Time: 6s
Location: PolyVac

Homer: I hope you’re happy, Hawking. I proved your theory correct. I made it through the wormhole and lived three lifetimes in another dimension.
Stephen Hawking: And all you missed was Taco Tuesday.
Homer: This is the worst day of my lives!

Dark Matters Pt. 4

Auto starts

Stephen Hawking: The multiverse is ripe for exploration!
Stephen Hawking: So much work to do! Homer, imagine all the work you’ve ever done, then multiply it by infinity.
Homer: Zero times infinity? How much is that?
Stephen Hawking: About 37. Get busy!

Task: Make Homer Do 37 Experiments for Hawking

Homer: Forget it, Egghead! No more tasks for me!
Homer: From now on, whenever anyone sends me on a task, I’m going to refuse!

Task: Make Homer Refuse to Do a Task

Homer: No! I refuse! Heh heh.
Task complete screen: Goal Complete! Congratulations, you completed “Make Homer Refuse to Do a Task.” Collect your reward!
Homer: D’oh!
Homer: I’ve gotta get more clever here. To be truly lazy, I’ll need to assemble an all-star team of super-dupes to take over my workload.

Task: Make Homer Kidnap Alternate Homers from Other Universes
Time: 6s
Location: PolyVac

Homer: I’m back. Or should I say, WE’RE back! Meet the alternate universe all-stars!
Alternate Strongman Homer: Hello.
Alternate Evil Homer: Charmed.
Alternate Cool Homer: What up, Ho-bro.
Alternate Kingsized Homer: *CHEWING AND BELCHING SOUNDS*
Alternate Barbarian Homer: Glargggh!
Lisa: Wow, two of them couldn’t speak at all. Yet they still seemed slightly smarter than Dad.
Quest reward: Alternate Barbarian Homer, Alternate Cool Homer, Alternate Kingsized Homer, Alternate Strongman Homer, Alternate Evil Homer

After the funny non-task quest, it’s time to discover some alternate Homer from the Multiverse!

Alternate Homers

Auto starts

Homer: This is awesome! A small army of Homers, and I’m the average guy. Which makes me the best!
Alternate Kingsized Homer: You’re the best at nothing! Me? I can overeat better than anyone here, and check out my excellent figure.
Alternate Strongman Homer: In my universe, I’m Mr. Universe!
Alternate Barbarian Homer: Me pillage good!
Alternate Cool Homer: It’s all cool, homies. I like my music and my universes to be Alternate.
Alternate Evil Homer: I suppose I’m the prankster of the group. Always up for a round of good-natured criminality.
Homer: Welcome to my universe, fellas! Sorry if it’s a little cheap looking. My Sky Finger is kinda tight with the donuts.
Alternate Evil Homer: Oh, don’t sell yourself short! This universe may be a bit shabby, but it’s far superior to mine.
Alternate Evil Homer: My Sky Finger only made it to level two before devoting his life to Candy Crush Saga!
Alternate Evil Homer: I don’t even have my own Marge! I have nothing but a fence post and a pathetic 1×1 square of flowers!
Alternate Evil Homer: But this universe is a veritable cornucopia of riches, ripe for the plucking… mwahahaha!

Make Evil Homer Case the Joint
Task: Make Alternate Homers Fraternize [x4]
Time: 4h
Location: PolyVac

System Message: Keep sending the Alternate Homers to Fraternize!

But a new manace is going to hit Springfield now! After science, it’s time for robots!

Dark Matters Pt. 5

Auto starts

Bart: Look, there’s something else coming through the space sphincter! A real live robot!
Lisa: Here comes another!
Homer: I wonder what the next guy’s name will be.
Bart: There comes another… and another!
Stephen Hawking: That makes five.
Professor Frink: Quit showing off, Hawking.
Comic Book Guy: A veritable army of robots from a parallel universe. What could go wrong?
Comic Book Guy: …I said in the most sarcastic way imaginable.
Comic Book Guy: …Which is how I say everything, so I can understand if there was some measure of confusion regarding–
Robot: ROBOTS… ATTACK!!!!!!!
Comic Book Guy: Swish.
Kent Brockman: I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.
Stephen Hawking: Fight back! Every able-bodied man, woman, and child!
Homer: That’s everyone but you!
Stephen Hawking: Less talking, more fighting.

Task: Tap Some Robots [x5]

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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