SciFi: Act 1 Walkthrough Part 1

Stephen Hawking, the first ever Special Guest of the game, is officially a Springfielder now, in the newest event: SciFi! Join us right after the jump for the first part of the Act 1 Walkthrough of the event!

A new event has started and Professor Frink is ready to take his place in it, it’s science after all.

Dark Matters Pt. 1

Auto starts

Professor Frink: Ladies and gentleflavens, mark this day on your calendar! For today begins a glorious new age of scientific discovery!
Homer: Sorry, I already marked today as Taco Tuesday. And I wrote it in pen.
Professor Frink: Sir, I don’t actually care about your salsa-stained calendar. I was trying to sound dramatic.
Homer: Try harder.
Professor Frink: Very well. Behold my latest invention… drum roll please… with the drumming and the rolling… the PolyVac!
Lisa: Neat! What is it, some kind of super-computer-controlled particle detector for studying black holes?
Professor Frink: Actually, little girl, it’s a super-computer-controlled, uh… yes, exactly. What she said.

Build the PolyVac

Dark Matters Pt. 2

Auto starts

Professor Frink: Now, all we need to study a black hole is a, uh, black hole to study.
Bart: Black holes suck!
Marge: Bart! Watch your language, unless you meant that as a scientific observation.
Bart: Rest assured, madam, I did not.
Professor Frink: The potty-mouthed lad is correct. Black holes absorb, or colloquially, “suck,” everything within their event horizon.
Bart: Dammit! I hate accidentally making scientific observations.
Marge: Professor, is it safe to have a black hole within just a few squares of our schools and peanut carts?
Homer: Relax, Marge, he’s a scientist! He wouldn’t ask us to do anything dangerous.
Professor Frink: Quite right, Homer. Now grab a mouthful of that plutonium over there and spit it into this boiling acid to initiate the black hole implosion.
Homer: I’m way ahead of you!

Task: Make Homer Spit Plutonium Into Acid to Form the Black Hole
Time: 6s
Location: PolyVac

Professor Frink: Now, using the PolyVac, I will prove once and for all that nothing can escape the black hole!
Lisa: But didn’t the great physicist Stephen Hawking theorize that black holes emit particles known as Hawking radiation?
Professor Frink: Hawking Shmawking! I’m sick of that know-it-all with his fancy awards and his show-off chair. There’s no such thing as Hawking Radiation.
Hawking Radiation: That’s not what I heard.
Professor Frink: Who said that, in a strangely familiar computerized voice?
Quest reward: Stephen Hawking

The first ever Special Guest of the game has joined our town: none other than Stephen Hawking!

Dark Matters Pt. 3

Auto starts

Professor Frink: Great Caesar’s Gloiven, it’s Stephen Hawking! B-but how did you get here?
Lisa: The Hawking Radiation condensed into a physical manifestation of Hawking himself!
Stephen Hawking: Thereby conclusively proving the existence of my namesake radiation. Now I’m sure to win the Nobel Prize, and maybe the even more prestigious Hawking Medal.
Professor Frink: I’ve never even won the Frink Medal.
Stephen Hawking: I surmise black holes are actually terminal endpoints of wormholes leading to parallel universes. We’ll need someone brave and expendable to test my theory.
Homer: Not me, buddy! I’m sick of doing tasks. How come Moleman never has to do anything?
Hans Moleman: Yes, pick me, please, I’m begging you.
Stephen Hawking: This sounds like a job for Homer Simpson.
Homer: Grrr. Okay. But I swear, crawling into this singularity is the last task I’ll ever do!
Stephen Hawking: Probably. Now wriggle on in there.
Homer: Sheesh, this wormhole is kind of tight… can you let out the event horizon a little?
Stephen Hawking: I said wriggle!

Task: Make Homer Wriggle Through the Wormhole
Time: 6s
Location: PolyVac

Homer: I hope you’re happy, Hawking. I proved your theory correct. I made it through the wormhole and lived three lifetimes in another dimension.
Stephen Hawking: And all you missed was Taco Tuesday.
Homer: This is the worst day of my lives!

Dark Matters Pt. 4

Auto starts

Stephen Hawking: The multiverse is ripe for exploration!
Stephen Hawking: So much work to do! Homer, imagine all the work you’ve ever done, then multiply it by infinity.
Homer: Zero times infinity? How much is that?
Stephen Hawking: About 37. Get busy!

Task: Make Homer Do 37 Experiments for Hawking

Homer: Forget it, Egghead! No more tasks for me!
Homer: From now on, whenever anyone sends me on a task, I’m going to refuse!

Task: Make Homer Refuse to Do a Task

Homer: No! I refuse! Heh heh.
Task complete screen: Goal Complete! Congratulations, you completed “Make Homer Refuse to Do a Task.” Collect your reward!
Homer: D’oh!
Homer: I’ve gotta get more clever here. To be truly lazy, I’ll need to assemble an all-star team of super-dupes to take over my workload.

Task: Make Homer Kidnap Alternate Homers from Other Universes
Time: 6s
Location: PolyVac

Homer: I’m back. Or should I say, WE’RE back! Meet the alternate universe all-stars!
Alternate Strongman Homer: Hello.
Alternate Evil Homer: Charmed.
Alternate Cool Homer: What up, Ho-bro.
Alternate Kingsized Homer: *CHEWING AND BELCHING SOUNDS*
Alternate Barbarian Homer: Glargggh!
Lisa: Wow, two of them couldn’t speak at all. Yet they still seemed slightly smarter than Dad.
Quest reward: Alternate Barbarian Homer, Alternate Cool Homer, Alternate Kingsized Homer, Alternate Strongman Homer, Alternate Evil Homer

After the funny non-task quest, it’s time to discover some alternate Homer from the Multiverse!

Alternate Homers

Auto starts

Homer: This is awesome! A small army of Homers, and I’m the average guy. Which makes me the best!
Alternate Kingsized Homer: You’re the best at nothing! Me? I can overeat better than anyone here, and check out my excellent figure.
Alternate Strongman Homer: In my universe, I’m Mr. Universe!
Alternate Barbarian Homer: Me pillage good!
Alternate Cool Homer: It’s all cool, homies. I like my music and my universes to be Alternate.
Alternate Evil Homer: I suppose I’m the prankster of the group. Always up for a round of good-natured criminality.
Homer: Welcome to my universe, fellas! Sorry if it’s a little cheap looking. My Sky Finger is kinda tight with the donuts.
Alternate Evil Homer: Oh, don’t sell yourself short! This universe may be a bit shabby, but it’s far superior to mine.
Alternate Evil Homer: My Sky Finger only made it to level two before devoting his life to Candy Crush Saga!
Alternate Evil Homer: I don’t even have my own Marge! I have nothing but a fence post and a pathetic 1×1 square of flowers!
Alternate Evil Homer: But this universe is a veritable cornucopia of riches, ripe for the plucking… mwahahaha!

Make Evil Homer Case the Joint
Task: Make Alternate Homers Fraternize [x4]
Time: 4h
Location: PolyVac

System Message: Keep sending the Alternate Homers to Fraternize!

But a new manace is going to hit Springfield now! After science, it’s time for robots!

Dark Matters Pt. 5

Auto starts

Bart: Look, there’s something else coming through the space sphincter! A real live robot!
Lisa: Here comes another!
Homer: I wonder what the next guy’s name will be.
Bart: There comes another… and another!
Stephen Hawking: That makes five.
Professor Frink: Quit showing off, Hawking.
Comic Book Guy: A veritable army of robots from a parallel universe. What could go wrong?
Comic Book Guy: …I said in the most sarcastic way imaginable.
Comic Book Guy: …Which is how I say everything, so I can understand if there was some measure of confusion regarding–
Robot: ROBOTS… ATTACK!!!!!!!
Comic Book Guy: Swish.
Kent Brockman: I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.
Stephen Hawking: Fight back! Every able-bodied man, woman, and child!
Homer: That’s everyone but you!
Stephen Hawking: Less talking, more fighting.

Task: Tap Some Robots [x5]

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


7 thoughts on “SciFi: Act 1 Walkthrough Part 1

  1. Hey LPN!

    Could you let me know how many donuts the Frink deal will be in Act 2? Thanks!


    1. Frink’s Lab + Professor Frink + LadyBot 200 (75 Rebate)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. My minirobots you have to tap disappeared? I’ve only seen maybe 3 in the last two days?


    1. that’s not normal please try and reinstall the game (remember to login to origin if you haven’t yet)


      1. I think it has to do with the black hole game. After I play and win it wiped out every robot. If I come back an our later there are some robots.
        So I’ll just tap robots and then play the game. Thanks


        1. Yes as explained in the questline the polyvac clears them out (everytime you play the game). You can see it saying +80 (Rewards) when you start it. Thats 40 in town + 40 in bank


          1. Thanks!❤


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