SciFi: Act 1 Walkthrough Part 2

Robots are invading, multiple Homer are roaming the town, while its center hosts a new black hole, what could possibly go wrong? Join us right after the jump for the second part of the Act 1 Walkthrough of the SciFi event!

A new minigame has now arrived: let’s tap some robots to defend the PolyVac from the invasion. It lasts 20 seconds and it rewards you with Event Currency.

Dark Matters Pt. 6

Auto starts

Homer: My Homers versus your robots!
Stephen Hawking: They’re not my robots.
Alternate Kingsized Homer: Help! I’m being beaten to a king-sized pulp!
Lisa: It’s no use! There’s dozens more robots pouring out of the wormhole!
Homer: Tapping isn’t working, and it’s our only interface!
Professor Frink: I have an idea!
Stephen Hawking: I have a better idea. Fire up the PolyVac!

Use the SciFighter

Lisa: What was that flash?
Stephen Hawking: A burst of Hawking Radiation. I destroyed the robots, proving once again that brute force is no match for the human mind…
Stephen Hawking: …when accompanied by a tremendously powerful particle-beam weapon.
Robot: Revenge!
Lisa: Oh no! They’re still coming!
Stephen Hawking: Guard the PolyVac until it can recharge for another Hawking burst!
Bart: Less talking, more Hawking!

SciFighter First Win Dialogue

Auto starts

Lisa: We did it! We destroyed the robots!
Bart: What else can we blow up? Grampa’s dentures? Martin’s underwear?
Nelson: Haw-Haw! I was able to visualize that.
Stephen Hawking: I’d like to blow up all those things and more. But unfortunately, the PolyVac has a four-hour cooldown time.
Professor Frink: According to the, uh, laws of science and what have you, most things take four hours.

SciFighter First Loss Dialogue

Auto starts

Lisa: Crud, the robots defeated us. This could be the end of the human race!
Nelson: Haw-Haw!
Nelson: And I direct that partially at myself. I can dish it out, but I can also take it.
Stephen Hawking: Relax. We’ll be fine. The PolyVac should regenerate in four hours.
Professor Frink: According to the, uh, laws of science and what have you, most things take four hours.

Dark Matters Pt. 7

Auto starts

Lisa: Professor Hawking, can’t we stop the robot invasion by just closing the wormhole?
Stephen Hawking: Easier said than done. I recruited a local expert on String Theory to advise us, but her analysis is somewhat difficult to follow.
Stephen Hawking: For now, our only hope of survival is to place a highly skilled nuclear engineer in control of the PolyVac. Homer, can we count on you?
Homer: I’m your man! I’m really good at pressing buttons! Unless they’re close together. Or far apart.
Frank Grimes: Oh, God. You’re relying on Homer Simpson to keep us alive? I’m the only competent engineer in this entire town!
Stephen Hawking: Competent? Didn’t I pass your grave already?
System Message: Check out the store for Frank Grimes, Springfield Nuclear Plant’s first and last competent employee!

Task: Make Homer Relax in the Brown House
Time: 2h
Location: Brown House
If the user has Frank Grimes: Task: Make Frank Grimes Prepare High Voltage Defenses
Time: 4h

System Message: While these Alternate Homers are visiting your Springfield, keep sending them to Plunder the Multiverse!
Quest Reward: 10 XP and 25 Event Currency

It’s time to visit our friends to gather some currency, by tapping robots and a weird anomaly!

Across the Multiverse

Auto starts

Stephen Hawking: As long as the wormhole remains open, we can take the battle to parallel universes!
Homer: Parallel universes? Put it in terms we can understand, Poindexter!
Stephen Hawking: *sigh* Just think of them as your “Friends’ Towns.”

Task: Tap 3 Robots in a Friend’s Town

After tapping an Anomaly:

Otto: Whoa, man, what’s that crazy shape? I’d like to see science explain that! ‘Cause it can’t!
Professor Frink: Yes it can, my young mind-altered friend. That is clearly the three-dimensional analog of the square, which I modestly dub the “Frinkohedron.”
Stephen Hawking: It’s called a cube, you boob!

After visiting our friends, Hawking is ready to meet… Sky Finger!

What’s the Matter? Pt. 1

Stephen Hawking starts

Stephen Hawking: To understand the nature of the wormhole, we’ll need to gather matter samples from a number of other universes.
Homer: Team Homer is on the job! And as coach of the team, I’ll be in the coach’s hammock.
Stephen Hawking: Very well. You other Homers, travel through the wormhole and liberate a few items of exotic matter.
Alternate Evil Homer: Liberate? That’s one of my favorite synonyms for larceny!
Homer: We’re stealing stuff?! Woo-hoo!

Task: Make Alternate Homers Gather Exotic Matter [x5]
Time: 4h
Location: PolyVac

What’s the Matter? Pt. 2

Stephen Hawking starts

Stephen Hawking: This exotic matter the Homers obtained is fascinating! What a boon to science!
Marge: That’s nice, Professor Hawking, but the robots are still attacking! I know it’s hard to see at this pixel resolution, but a lot of us have very serious wounds.
Stephen Hawking: Well, there’s not much I can do about that. We’ll just have to get used to living in a world where a never-ending line of robots are continually murdering us.
Stephen Hawking: Science offers no means to stop them.
Ned: Then it’s time for prayer!
Stephen Hawking: Oh, Lord.
Ned: That’s the spirit, Professor! We call upon the Lord to smite these wicked robots! Everyone, bow your heads in prayer to the Almighty One…
Ned: The Sky Finger.

Task: Make Ned Pray to the Sky Finger
Time: 8h
Location: Flanders House
Task: Make Stephen Hawking Roll His Eyes
Time: 8h
Location: PolyVac

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


10 thoughts on “SciFi: Act 1 Walkthrough Part 2

  1. I was trying to complete one of my daily challenges today and it says to tap the anomaly. When I tap the “Go to” button it takes me a friends town but I am unable to do anything there other than tap 3 robots. Can anyone please help?


  2. How do you get an item with future bucks? I’ve received a daily challenge for that, and I’m not sure how to do it


  3. Hey Guys, I know you’re all busy preparing all the many posts needed for any new event, but I got a couple of questions for you:

    Any ideas what determines whether you get a “Frinkohedron” (cube) when visiting a friends town? When I did my friend visits today most friends only contained robots but those that had a cube in I noticed paid out 5x matter instead of 3x matter for a robot.
    Not really a question, but did everyone find the hidden messages yet? If you try to select either Strongman, Barbarian or Super-size outfits on your regular Homer you get a short text conversation, but only the 1st time you try it.
    I wouldn’t say it quite qualifies as an “Easter Egg” but worth checking out if anyone didn’t find it by accident yet. Maybe you could tack it on the end of a walkthrough post if you like.

    As usual, thanks for all your hard work on all of our behalf. 🙂


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