SciFi: Act 1 Walkthrough Part 2

Robots are invading, multiple Homer are roaming the town, while its center hosts a new black hole, what could possibly go wrong? Join us right after the jump for the second part of the Act 1 Walkthrough of the SciFi event!

A new minigame has now arrived: let’s tap some robots to defend the PolyVac from the invasion. It lasts 20 seconds and it rewards you with Event Currency.

Dark Matters Pt. 6

Auto starts

Homer: My Homers versus your robots!
Stephen Hawking: They’re not my robots.
Alternate Kingsized Homer: Help! I’m being beaten to a king-sized pulp!
Lisa: It’s no use! There’s dozens more robots pouring out of the wormhole!
Homer: Tapping isn’t working, and it’s our only interface!
Professor Frink: I have an idea!
Stephen Hawking: I have a better idea. Fire up the PolyVac!

Use the SciFighter

Lisa: What was that flash?
Stephen Hawking: A burst of Hawking Radiation. I destroyed the robots, proving once again that brute force is no match for the human mind…
Stephen Hawking: …when accompanied by a tremendously powerful particle-beam weapon.
Robot: Revenge!
Lisa: Oh no! They’re still coming!
Stephen Hawking: Guard the PolyVac until it can recharge for another Hawking burst!
Bart: Less talking, more Hawking!

SciFighter First Win Dialogue

Auto starts

Lisa: We did it! We destroyed the robots!
Bart: What else can we blow up? Grampa’s dentures? Martin’s underwear?
Nelson: Haw-Haw! I was able to visualize that.
Stephen Hawking: I’d like to blow up all those things and more. But unfortunately, the PolyVac has a four-hour cooldown time.
Professor Frink: According to the, uh, laws of science and what have you, most things take four hours.

SciFighter First Loss Dialogue

Auto starts

Lisa: Crud, the robots defeated us. This could be the end of the human race!
Nelson: Haw-Haw!
Nelson: And I direct that partially at myself. I can dish it out, but I can also take it.
Stephen Hawking: Relax. We’ll be fine. The PolyVac should regenerate in four hours.
Professor Frink: According to the, uh, laws of science and what have you, most things take four hours.

Dark Matters Pt. 7

Auto starts

Lisa: Professor Hawking, can’t we stop the robot invasion by just closing the wormhole?
Stephen Hawking: Easier said than done. I recruited a local expert on String Theory to advise us, but her analysis is somewhat difficult to follow.
Stephen Hawking: For now, our only hope of survival is to place a highly skilled nuclear engineer in control of the PolyVac. Homer, can we count on you?
Homer: I’m your man! I’m really good at pressing buttons! Unless they’re close together. Or far apart.
Frank Grimes: Oh, God. You’re relying on Homer Simpson to keep us alive? I’m the only competent engineer in this entire town!
Stephen Hawking: Competent? Didn’t I pass your grave already?
System Message: Check out the store for Frank Grimes, Springfield Nuclear Plant’s first and last competent employee!

Task: Make Homer Relax in the Brown House
Time: 2h
Location: Brown House
If the user has Frank Grimes: Task: Make Frank Grimes Prepare High Voltage Defenses
Time: 4h

System Message: While these Alternate Homers are visiting your Springfield, keep sending them to Plunder the Multiverse!
Quest Reward: 10 XP and 25 Event Currency

It’s time to visit our friends to gather some currency, by tapping robots and a weird anomaly!

Across the Multiverse

Auto starts

Stephen Hawking: As long as the wormhole remains open, we can take the battle to parallel universes!
Homer: Parallel universes? Put it in terms we can understand, Poindexter!
Stephen Hawking: *sigh* Just think of them as your “Friends’ Towns.”

Task: Tap 3 Robots in a Friend’s Town

After tapping an Anomaly:

Otto: Whoa, man, what’s that crazy shape? I’d like to see science explain that! ‘Cause it can’t!
Professor Frink: Yes it can, my young mind-altered friend. That is clearly the three-dimensional analog of the square, which I modestly dub the “Frinkohedron.”
Stephen Hawking: It’s called a cube, you boob!

After visiting our friends, Hawking is ready to meet… Sky Finger!

What’s the Matter? Pt. 1

Stephen Hawking starts

Stephen Hawking: To understand the nature of the wormhole, we’ll need to gather matter samples from a number of other universes.
Homer: Team Homer is on the job! And as coach of the team, I’ll be in the coach’s hammock.
Stephen Hawking: Very well. You other Homers, travel through the wormhole and liberate a few items of exotic matter.
Alternate Evil Homer: Liberate? That’s one of my favorite synonyms for larceny!
Homer: We’re stealing stuff?! Woo-hoo!

Task: Make Alternate Homers Gather Exotic Matter [x5]
Time: 4h
Location: PolyVac

What’s the Matter? Pt. 2

Stephen Hawking starts

Stephen Hawking: This exotic matter the Homers obtained is fascinating! What a boon to science!
Marge: That’s nice, Professor Hawking, but the robots are still attacking! I know it’s hard to see at this pixel resolution, but a lot of us have very serious wounds.
Stephen Hawking: Well, there’s not much I can do about that. We’ll just have to get used to living in a world where a never-ending line of robots are continually murdering us.
Stephen Hawking: Science offers no means to stop them.
Ned: Then it’s time for prayer!
Stephen Hawking: Oh, Lord.
Ned: That’s the spirit, Professor! We call upon the Lord to smite these wicked robots! Everyone, bow your heads in prayer to the Almighty One…
Ned: The Sky Finger.

Task: Make Ned Pray to the Sky Finger
Time: 8h
Location: Flanders House
Task: Make Stephen Hawking Roll His Eyes
Time: 8h
Location: PolyVac

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


10 thoughts on “SciFi: Act 1 Walkthrough Part 2

  1. Michael O'Mahony 08/22/2016 — 14:12

    I was trying to complete one of my daily challenges today and it says to tap the anomaly. When I tap the “Go to” button it takes me a friends town but I am unable to do anything there other than tap 3 robots. Can anyone please help?


    1. it’s the cube that you see sometimes in players towns. if one is present it’ll take you directly to it


  2. How do you get an item with future bucks? I’ve received a daily challenge for that, and I’m not sure how to do it


    1. complete the demo for an item (it says how many you need to craft) and then afterwards it’ll be craftable for Future Bucks

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Can anyone, please, explain me how can I get a “Flash” without spending donuts? Thanks


    1. by getting it from the Control Building (power plant piece)’s task


  4. TheRealTiminator 08/19/2016 — 19:00

    Hey Guys, I know you’re all busy preparing all the many posts needed for any new event, but I got a couple of questions for you:

    Any ideas what determines whether you get a “Frinkohedron” (cube) when visiting a friends town? When I did my friend visits today most friends only contained robots but those that had a cube in I noticed paid out 5x matter instead of 3x matter for a robot.
    Not really a question, but did everyone find the hidden messages yet? If you try to select either Strongman, Barbarian or Super-size outfits on your regular Homer you get a short text conversation, but only the 1st time you try it.
    I wouldn’t say it quite qualifies as an “Easter Egg” but worth checking out if anyone didn’t find it by accident yet. Maybe you could tack it on the end of a walkthrough post if you like.

    As usual, thanks for all your hard work on all of our behalf. 🙂


    1. i’ll do a post on that don’t worry :p
      about the cube, it’s random


  5. When do you think you’ll have all the prizes up? Thank you for that you do?


    1. I am home tonight so tomorrow evening you ll have the post with all items and prices


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