SciFi: Event Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges joined once again during this event involving event jobs and quests. Join us right after the jump to discover the new challenges that awaits you during the SciFi event!

The following list is a list of all the jobs: all possible quests and their rewards.

Please remember to ALWAYS use the Go To button to do the jobs or they may not count and that to claim the reward you’ll need to tap on claim in the challenges screen.


Please note that normal Daily Challenges are still in effect and can be triggered randomly.

task location
Assemble a Demo at the 3D Printer
(Craft an item)
3D Printer
Get an Item with Future Bucks
(Craft an item till it completes its demo and
you can then craft it with Future Bucks)
3D Printer
Collect a Flash
(Collect from the Control Building to get one)
Control Building
Make Frank Grimes Prepare High Voltage Defenses Visible
Make Alternate Homers Go to the PolyVac [x5]
Make Alternate Homers Go to the PolyVac [x10]
Make Rockstar Maggie Go to the PolyVac
Win SciFighter Without Sustaining Damage
Play SciFighter
Play SciFighter [x3]
Destroy Robots in SciFighter [x30]
Destroy Robots in SciFighter [x100]
Use a Flash during SciFighter
(After collecting it from Control Building,
tap on the top right corner during SciFighter)
Win SciFighter PolyVac
Tap Robots [x3]
Tap Robots [x5]
Tap Robots in a Friend’s Town [x3] Friend’s Town
Tap the Anomaly
(When in a friend town, if an Anomaly is present,
it’ll take you to it. It looks like this: anomaly_back_walk_image_1)
Friend’s Town

The possible prizes are:

Event Currency: sidebar_scifi_darkmattersidebar_scifi_time1100 / sidebar_scifi_matter1000
Robot Parts: sidebar_scifi_robotparts100
Future Bucks: sidebar_scifi_futurebucks250
Donuts: sidebar_donut1/3

Join us later for more info on this event, happy tapping!


19 thoughts on “SciFi: Event Daily Challenges

  1. My SciFighter got damaged after this zoom thing appeared on my iPad.. And now it still does look crap, do I have to wait, can I fix it or ..?


    1. just need to wait 4 hours for it to regenerate


      1. will do.. thanks


  2. Kirsi Kurki 08/29/2016 — 11:47

    I’m not a native english speaker and just can’t understand what does “without sustaining damage” mean. What should I do to win that SciFighter?


    1. Doing a scifighter game hitting the robots without getting the polyvac hit by one


  3. I don’t understand how to make a demo. Which items do I have to buy? I’m buying all sorts of robot stuff but nothing happens.


    1. you’ve to complete 1 item’s demo by crafting it the times it says in the crafting screen


  4. How do you use futurebucks?


    1. 3D printer. Make all demos of ONE item then you can buy more of that item for Future Bucks.
      Number of demos varies depending on item. Ex: Holo tulips 12 demos, venus vacation sogn 3 demos


  5. foldingcorpse 08/23/2016 — 11:32

    I have a challenge to assemble a demo at 3D printer and yet it’s not completing when doing so


    1. Are you making a demo or buying an item for Future Bucks?


      1. foldingcorpse 08/23/2016 — 12:29

        just says to assemble a demo and that’s it at the 3D printer


        1. i believe it’s the one that you need to complete the n. of demos needed to end the demo


        2. Yes, but are you using robot parts or future bucks?
          Demos are made with robot parts, if you buy additional items with future bucks it does not count as a demo (and does not help you upgrade the printer).


  6. I have a quest to “tap the anomaly”. When I click the button to “Go To”, it just brings me to the main screen (the one you get before you tap to load into your game).

    Where is the anomaly to tap?


    1. The cube you can see in friends towns


      1. I’ve clicked the cube and it doesn’t nothing?? It still has the task up…


      2. Is it only available in friends towns or can you find it in the AI town? I just started playing and none of my friends have this downloaded, so I only have the AI town available to me, yet for the past week or so I’ve not seen the Anomaly when I visit the AI town.


        1. Check the add me on the menu on top or on the pinned thread on ea forum and check the last messages for people to add. I ‘ll get back to you on other springfield spawning it later


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