SciFi: Act 1 Prizes Walkthrough

A billboard, a new car, a new theater and someone that wants to regain their name join Springfield in the prizes of Act 1. Join us right after the jump for the kwik-tap guide of the Act 1 prizes of the SciFi event!

Army of the Five Monkeys Pt. 1

Auto starts

Homer: Wow, this universe is wall-to-wall beer!
Alternate Kingsized Homer: Chocolate beer, bacon beer…
Alternate Cool Homer: Locally-sourced craft beer with hints of orange rind…
Alternate Barbarian Homer: Grog!
Homer: It’s heaven.
Alternate Strongman Homer: There’s also one single can of non-alcoholic beer.
Homer: This place is a dump. Next universe!
Alternate Evil Homer: I’ll just liberate this beer sign…

Task: Place the Future Duff Sign
Task: Collect Matter [x6500]

Army of the Five Monkeys Pt. 2

Auto starts

Alternate Strongman Homer: Amazing! This universe has hover cars! It’s like what 2016 was supposed to look like in 1989.

Task: Place Simpson’s Hover Car
Task: Collect Matter [x12000]

Homer: Wheee! I’m flying through the Krusty Burger fly-thru!
Alternate Kingsized Homer: Why won’t my hovercar take off?
Alternate Strongman Homer: There’s a four hundred pound weight limit per passenger.
Alternate Kingsized Homer: The doctors were right. There is a downside to morbid obesity.

Army of the Five Monkeys Pt. 3

Auto starts

Alternate Cool Homer: Whoa, this entire universe is in 3D!
Homer: It’s like virtual reality, but without the electric snorkel mask strapped to my face.
Alternate Kingsized Homer: Hey, you guys wanna catch a 3D movie, which in this universe by analogy is a 4D movie?
Homer: No way! I’m not paying two extra bucks for one lousy extra dimension. Let’s just see it in plain old 3D.

Task: Place the Holo-Theater
Task: Collect Matter [x18000]

Army of the Five Monkeys Pt. 4

Auto starts

Alternate Strongman Homer: What’s happening in this universe?
Homer: Looks like war. I’ll ask that soldier.
Homer: Excuse, me, Sergeant? What war is this?
Sgt. Skinner: The War of the Worlds.
Homer: Neat. You wanna come to our universe and fight robots instead of aliens?
Sgt. Skinner: Sounds like a lateral move, but sure.

Task: Get Sgt. Skinner
Task: Collect Matter [x24000]

Sgt. Skinner’s Robot Parts Club Pt. 1

Sgt. Skinner starts

Sgt. Skinner: The robot army’s command and control center is located inside the Skyberdine Systems building.
Homer: Rats. From the scary name, I was hoping it was a candy shop that just happened to have a scary name.
Sgt. Skinner: Mankind’s only hope is if I can infiltrate the compound, then install a computer virus in their computer system…
Sgt. Skinner: …even though I don’t know what kind of computer it is or what kind of software it runs.
Homer: Great. And pick me up some sour gummy worms while you’re there. And they better be really sour, not just a little sour. Everything depends on you!

Task: Make Sgt. Skinner Infiltrate Skyberdine Systems
Time: 12h
Location: Skyberdine Systems

Sgt. Skinner’s Robot Parts Club Pt. 2

Sgt. Skinner starts

Sgt. Skinner: I did it. I infiltrated and planted the virus.
Marge: But the robots are still attacking!
Sgt. Skinner: Yes, but they can no longer fly.
Lisa: They could fly before?
Sgt. Skinner: They could, but they chose not to.
Wiggum: Sgt. Seymour Skinner, I’m placing you under arrest!
Sgt. Skinner: For breaking into a robot war factory and striking a blow for all mankind?
Wiggum: Uh, no. I’m willing to let that slide.
Wiggum: However, a 1997 law forbids even the mention of there being another character named Seymour Skinner, under pain of torture!
Judge Snyder: Sgt. NAME WITHHELD, I hereby sentence you to twenty-four hours of brutal torture!

Task: Make Sgt. Skinner Accept Springfield Canon
Time: 1h
Location: Brown House

Sgt. Skinner’s Robot Parts Club Pt. 3

Sgt. Skinner starts

Sgt. Skinner: I’ve honorably endured this nonsensical punishment. I now request leave to return to my home universe.
Dr. Nick: Hi, everybody!
Sgt. Skinner: Hi, Dr. Nick.
Dr. Nick: Good news, Sgt. Skinner! I’ve discovered your medical problem!
Sgt. Skinner: What a relief. I didn’t even know I had a medical problem.
Dr. Nick: You are suffering from what we are calling wormhole brainitis!
Dr. Nick: It’s making you think you have the same name as the other Seymour Skinner, Mr. School Principal Man.
Sgt. Skinner: But it’s my actual name. He stole my identity. There was a whole episode about it.
Dr. Nick: You sound nutty! Must be the brainitis!

Task: Make Sgt. Skinner Get Tested for Brainitis
Time: 8h
Location: Hibbert Family Practice or Brown House

Sgt. Skinner’s Robot Parts Club Pt. 4

Sgt. Skinner starts

Sgt. Skinner: Alright, enough of this foolishness. I’m getting my platoon back together, starting with Private Armin Tamzarian.
Skinner: Are you talking to me? I’m not Armin, I’m Seymour Skinner.
Sgt. Skinner: Yeah, yeah. But we both know I’m the actual Seymour Skinner.
Stephen Hawking: Curious. This appears to be some sort of parallel universe causality paradox.
Comic Book Guy: Alas, no. That would’ve made a lot more sense.
Wiggum: Okay, buddy, you were warned! Put ’em up!

Task: Make Sgt. Skinner Try to Get Away in a Car
Time: 8h
Location: Vehicles

Sgt. Skinner’s Robot Parts Club Pt. 5

Sgt. Skinner starts

Sgt. Skinner: I’m not going anywhere! How come none of these cars work?
Wolfcastle: Haha, foolish man! Don’t you know zese cars are just for showing?
Sgt. Skinner: Help! It’s a Terminator-type robot… disguised, logically, as an Austrian muscle man!
Wolfcastle: Ziss guy watches too many action movies. Which is just ze right amount.
Skinner: Yes?
Sgt. Skinner: Yes?
Chalmers: Allow me to propose a compromise. From now on, one Seymour Skinner will be known as PRINCIPAL Skinner, and the other as SGT. SKINNER.
Bart: Yo, doofus. That’s exactly how it already was.
Chalmers: Then my work is done.

Task: Make Sgt. Skinner Coexist with Principal Skinner
Time: 8h
Location: Re-Neducation Center or Brown House

Sgt. Skinner: It’s great to finally be accepted for who I am.
Skinner: And as for me, it’s great to also be accepted for who you are.
Wiggum: Let’s never speak of this again. Again.
Judge Snyder: So ordered!

SciFact Bonus

Auto starts

Task: Collect Matter [x3000]

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


11 thoughts on “SciFi: Act 1 Prizes Walkthrough

  1. How do you use future bucks??


    1. complete all the demo of an item then you can use the FB


  2. I saw an animation with Bart in a huge robot shooting… What task is this??? So cool


    1. It comes with the first prize of act 3 😉


      1. Oh guess my friend got it early? Thanks


        1. No its an animation activated if a character is in a building


          1. Oh ok so it will unlock in act 3 but can be seen now as a in building animation.. Thanks!


            1. What happens is basicly if your friends have characters indoors they appear as animated outside. During events if they have animation with items from the event they usually show that. I.e. normally kids are seen wearing halloween costumes


  3. On the Daily Challenge it’s telling me to “Tap the Anomaly”. I tap the “Go to” bar and it takes me to my Friends. What is it that I’m supposed to be doing…looking for…tapping on??? I feeling about as dumb as a pile of rocks, can someone help?


    1. tap on the cube you’ll see upon entering some of your friend’s towns


      1. Thank you!


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