SciFi: Craftables Walkthrough

Futuristic is the word for this event and a lot of cool looking buildings are here to create a futuristic side of our town. Join us right after the jump for the walkthrough of some of the items that you can craft in the SciFi event! No Kwik-Tap Guide necessary this time since there’s no dialogue for them, just jobs to do!

3D Printer

Auto starts

Task: Make Lenny Print some Resumés
Time: 2h
Location: 3D Printer


Auto starts

Task: Make Herman Defend the Domicile
Time: 10h
Location: Dome-icile

Atomic Hula Hoop

Auto starts

Task: Make Willie Watch Hula Hoopers
Time: 7h
Location: Atomic Hula Hoop

Mushroom Office Building

Auto starts

Task: Make Cookie Kwan Take Future-Length Coffee Break
Time: 10h
Location: Mushroom Office Building

Retro Style Townhouse

Auto starts

Task: Make Krusty Smoke Retro Style Cigarettes
Time: 7h
Location: Retro Style Townhouse

Global Housing

Auto starts

Task: Make Lenny Sit in the Window
Time: 10h
Location: Global Housing

Tomorrow’s Costington’s

Auto starts

Task: Make Lindsey Naegle Shop for Gifts of Christmas Future
Time: 10h
Location: Tomorrow’s Costington’s

Office Towers

Auto starts

Task: Make Cookie Kwan Push Electro-Pens
Time: 10h
Location: Office Towers

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


8 thoughts on “SciFi: Craftables Walkthrough

  1. Future buck conversion pack. What does it do?
    What is the conversion rate?
    Thank you.


    1. You get 50 Future Bucks for 500 robot parts.
      If you have made all available demos, youll need fiture bucks if you want more items


  2. Is there a chart for the quantities of each item completes a demo? I like the event, I’ve skipped a few since they don’t interest me.
    I really miss the commradarie of fun events like (the original) whacking day😢……where friends helped each other. You even had an egg buddy! I don’t feel the crafting format took the sense of community out of the game. But Hey! At least it’s not the “wheel”! I’m looking forward to Halloween


  3. yeah, all good.
    but where/how do i spend my future bucks?
    i have a task that is begging me to do this, but i see no options to fulfill it.


    1. do the demos of an item till it says you completed the demo then spend future bucks to craft it again – done


      1. what?
        i have crafted all the items. what is a demo?
        there’s nothing that can actually be ‘done’ with a holo tree ot holo tulips.
        crafting multiples of any of the items requires robot parts, there’s no option to use future bucks anywhere [that i can find].


        1. Craft ALL demos of ONE item. how many demos an item has depends on what item it is.
          Ex. 12 holo tulipps, 3 vacation signs
          Once ALL demos of ONE item is mad, you can buy additionals of that item for future bucks.
          Meaning you can craft 12 tulips for robot parts and then buy more for future bucks
          Anything for robot parts helps to upgrade the printer.

          Liked by 1 person

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