SciFi: Crafting and Easter Egg Kwik-Tap Guide

The 3D Printer is in our town to craft some items from the future. Ready to level it up and have some fun? Join us right after the jump for the kwik-tap guide of the crafting and easter egg of the SciFi event!

After completing Dark Matters Pt. 6, the 3D Printer is buildable and

Do Me a Solid Pt. 1

After completing Dark Matters Pt. 6
Homer starts

Task: Build the 3D Printer

Do Me a Solid Pt. 2

Auto starts

Herb Powell: The robot parts can be used as building material for the 3D Printer.
Homer: Great! We can finally build that fancy car I designed.
Herb Powell: We already did that! You bankrupted me! I have twenty million of them unsold on the lot!
Homer: Then let’s make something more practical. Like a tiny belt to keep your sandwich from falling apart.
Herb Powell: Whatever we make, we need to play it safe this time and start with a demo version.
Homer: Or better yet… twenty million demos!

Task: Use the 3D Printer to Make a Demo

Do Me a Solid Pt. 3

Auto starts

Herb Powell: Now we just keep demoing until we make something that sells.
Homer: Smart! You should’ve thought of that before you made that awful car.
Herb Powell: Just keep throwing robot parts into the 3D Printer and it’ll keep popping out the demos.
Homer: It’s a lazy man’s dream come true. And coincidentally, my dream too!
System Message: Every Robot Part used by your 3D Printer contributes to the research of all new SciFi Buildings and Decorations! Level up and see!

Task: Level Up Your 3D Printer

Do Me a Solid Pt. 4

Auto starts

Herb Powell: Once we start selling our printed items, the profits are gonna roll on in.
Homer: Why don’t we just cut out the middle man and print money?
Herb Powell: Cash is for chumps! The new economy is all about Future Bucks.
Homer: Future Bucks? That’s the laziest name I ever heard. Right, Comic Book Guy?
Comic Book Guy: Worst. Currency. Ever.
Herb Powell: Once we finish building all the demos for one item, we can put it into mass production!
Stephen Hawking: Make it so.

Task: Complete All Required Demos for Any Item
Task: Use Future Bucks to Get Items

Herb Powell: We’re done demo-ing that item! There’s nothing more for the eggheads to learn.
Homer: So why are we still making more?
Herb Powell: There may be nothing to learn, but there’s still something to earn!
Herb Powell: I’m referring to money.
System Message: Once an item has reached its demo goal, you can spend Future Bucks to buy more, but they will stop contributing towards your 3D Printer Level.

To complete this part of the quest, you’ll just need to craft one of the items for the numbers of demo shown, after the demo is over (completing task 1), you’ll just need to craft it once more with Future Bucks.

Do Me a Solid Pt. 5

After the 3D Printer reaches Level 18
Homer starts

Homer: Can I try the 3D printer now? I’ve been waiting politely.
Herb Powell: You’ve been burping the alphabet for three hours!
Homer: It was the Russian alphabet! I ate too much borscht.
Herb Powell: Okay, fine. What do you want to print? Maybe we can whip up a demo.
Homer: I’ve got several ideas, but since this is my first try, I’ll just make the craziest and most complicated thing ever conceived.

Task: Build Homer’s Dream House

Do Me a Solid Pt. 6

Auto starts

Herb Powell: This is your dream house?
Homer: Yes. I’ve always wanted to start a new life under the sea!
Homer: Even if it is just pretend…
Homer: …until I can get some gills.
DrNick: Maybe I can help with that?
Marge: No gills! He already has enough snoring holes!

Task: Make Homer Pretend to Live Under the Sea
Time: 10h
Location: Homer’s Dream House

After obtaining the Alternate versions of old skins for Homer, if you switch to a different skin, those involved in this event, that you’ve on the actual Homer, you’ll get a bit of dialogue!

Homer Outfit Match

The Easter Egg (only text) will trigger if you switch on this skins: Barbarian Homer, Cool Homer, King-Size Homer and Strongman Homer.

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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