SciFi: Act 1 Premium Walkthrough Part 1

A Flash of hope for humanity and someone that wants to stop Homer-anity? More and more weird stuff right after the jump in the first part of the walkthrough for the premium items of Act 1 of the SciFi event!

Photo-Sensitive Deficiency

After collecting from Control Building the first Flash
Homer starts

Homer: Why do we need to bother with this pulse stuff? Can’t we destroy the robots with camera flashes, like that time at Itchy & Scratchy Land?
Stephen Hawking: We could if anyone still had cameras. Unfortunately, cell phone flashes are too weak. The only damage you can do is by tweeting a rude selfie.
Mr. Burns: Cameras, you say? Why, I happen to have one of those newfangled daguerreotype models. I used it not long ago to take a candid snap of William McKinley.
Stephen Hawking: Lovely. Now lure the robots to us, then hit them with a flash to wipe out the whole cluster.
Mr. Burns: William McKinley would have loved this. This one’s for you, Billy Mac!

Task: Use a Flash during SciFighter

Homer: That sure made robo-murder a lot easier!
Stephen Hawking: But the antique flash unit was only good for a single use. We need a new flash before we can do it again.
System Message: Have 5 Flashes on the house!
Quest Reward: 5 Flashes

Doggy Smithers
Population Control Pt. 1

Robo Burns starts

Mr. Burns: You, the handsome chap in the metallic exo-skeleton. Who are you?
Robo Burns: I’m the new and slightly improved you from the distant future.
Mr. Burns: Smithers, call off the hounds. It appears future me has solved the riddle of mortality by converting his body to cold hard steel.
Robo Burns: Actually, it’s rather warm and soft. It feels quite pleasant against my cold, hard flesh.

Task: Reach Level 11 and Build the Cooling Towers
Task: Make Robo Burns Describe His Soft, Warm Steel
Task: Make Burns Feel the Steel
Time: 8h
Location: Soul Extraction Institute

Population Control Pt. 2

Robo Burns starts

Mr. Burns: So tell me more about the future, old timer.
Robo Burns: Well, hundreds of years from now, humans have been entirely replaced with an obnoxious new species known as Homer Sapiens.
Robo Burns: Thus I have traveled back in time to locate the missing link between humans and these foul beasts.
Smithers: The words “foul”, “beast”, and “Homer” suggest to me that you’re seeking one of our employees.
Smithers: Possibly Carl. But more likely Homer Simpson in sector 7G.
Robo Burns: Simpson, eh? And you say he worked for me? Well, not for long! Prepare to alter history…
Robo Burns: By terminating Homer Simpson!
Mr. Burns: Excellent.

Task: Make Burns Terminate Homer
Time: 8h
Location: Control Building

Population Control Pt. 3

Robo Burns starts

Mr. Burns: Smithers, be a dear and mop up the blood down in sector 7G, would you? We terminated Homer Simpson.
Smithers: You killed him?!
Robo Burns: Not that meaning of terminate! We simply fired him.
Smithers: Then why is there blood?
Robo Burns: He was running an unlicensed butcher shop down there. Technically that’s why he was fired.

Task: Make Robo Burns Define the Word Terminate
Task: Make Burns Concur
Time: 8h
Location: Soul Extraction Institute

Population Control Pt. 4

Robo Burns starts

Homer: Aww, man! I can’t believe I lost my job again!
Moe: Tough break there, Homer. But if you need some quick cash to pay your bar tab, plus a generous tip…
Moe: …stop by the new bank I opened in the storage room, behind the panda cage.
Homer: I’ll do that!

Task: Reach Level 15 and Build Moe’s Tavern
Task: Make Homer Donate to Moe’s Fertility Bank
Time: 8h
Location: Moe’s Tavern

Homer: I’ve made my deposit! Several of them, in fact. But what sorts of people do their banking in a filthy back room like this?
Moe: People who value privacy. Mainly the filthy rich, and other filthy types.
Brandine: I’m here t’ make me a withdrawal!

Population Control Pt. 5

Robo Burns starts

Robo Burns: My efforts have backfired horribly. I let Homer live, and now he’s reproducing like a bald, 400-pound rabbit.
Robo Burns: He’s cranking out swarms of baby Homer Sapiens!
Mr. Burns: Our mistake was using the wrong definition of the word “terminate”. Let’s try again, this time using definition 3, “verb… to kill”.
Wiggum: Just a minute there, you two! I’m pretty sure murder is illegal.
Mr. Burns: I didn’t say we would murder him. I merely said we would TRY.
Wiggum: Oh, okay. Go about your business.
Lou: Uh chief, attempted murder is illegal too.
Wiggum: Leave the legal interpretations to me, Lou. That’s my job.
Lou: I don’t think it is.
Wiggum: It’s not? Hey, where’d those two guys go?

Task: Make Robo Burns Terminate (Meaning Kill) Homer
Time: 8h
Requires: Homer
Task: Make Burns Clarify Definitions
Time: 8h
Location: Soul Extraction Institute

Population Control Pt. 6

Robo Burns starts

Mr. Burns: We did it. We terminated Homer Simpson. Smithers, mop up the blood.
Smithers: You really murdered him this time?
Robo Burns: Effectively, yes. You see, we rehired him… knowing that in the long run, the radiation exposure will sterilize and eventually kill him.
Smithers: Then why is there blood?
Mr. Burns: It’s my blood. Homer put up quite a struggle when we told him to get back to work.

Task: Make Homer Do a Plant Shift
Time: 16h
Location: Control Building

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


2 thoughts on “SciFi: Act 1 Premium Walkthrough Part 1

  1. How do you build in the mountain & run your railroad track into a tunnel?


    1. You just place the monorail tunnel where the mountain is


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