SciFi: Act 1 Premium Walkthrough Part 2

A giant Anubi robot, a license to save us all, a weird man coming back from the grave and the return of the Super Collider with the Black Hole. The second part of the walkthrough for the premium items of Act 1 of the SciFi event awaits you right after the jump!

Giant Robot

Auto starts

Lisa: Dad? Or one of you Alternate Dads? Why does that giant robot have a jackal head?
Evil Homer: It would seem that in this alternate universe, the ancient Egyptians maintained their dominance in world affairs.
Evil Homer: They built their own robot gods, and now all must kneel before them! Hail mighty Anubis Bots! Mwahahaha!
Lisa: Uhhh… thanks for the insight?

Robot Salvage License

After completing Across The Multiverse
Auto starts

System Message: The Robot Salvage License is now available in the store! Get it now to earn double rewards from tapping Robots in a friend’s town!

After purchasing the Robot Salvage License

System Message: Congratulations on purchasing the Robot Salvage License! You’ll now get extra rewards for tapping Robots in a friend’s town!

Grime and Punishment

After placing Forgotten Grave
Quest Reward: Frank Grimes

Homer starts

Homer: Hey Grimey, why the grave?
Frank Grimes: I don’t remember. I can only assume it’s a sick joke at my expense. Well, I don’t see anyone laughing!
Homer: Apparently you weren’t looking at me.

Task: Make Frank Grimes Prepare High Voltage Defenses
Time: 4h

Graveyard Shift

Homer starts

Frank Grimes: Wait, you’re just going to leave the PolyVac running?
Stephen Hawking: Sure, whatever.
Frank Grimes: It’s an ultra-powerful device capable of ripping holes in the fabric of spacetime!
Homer: I’m not that good with off buttons.
Frank Grimes: Fine! I’ll handle it!
Homer: Heheh, good old Grimey. I bet he even turns off the water when he’s done showering.

Task: Make Frank Grimes Turn Off the PolyVac
Time: 8h
Location: PolyVac

Homer: Has anyone seen Grimey?
Carl: He’s dead, Homer. Electrocuted by a faulty off button.
Lenny: The floor was wet because someone left the safety shower running.
Homer: Probably me. I was in there last month.
Carl: Ironically, they buried old Frank in that very same grave he brought to town for some reason.
Homer: Heheh. Good old Grimey.

A Matter of Density Pt. 1

Bart starts

Skinner: All right, students, that concludes our tour of the Super Collider facilities. Are there any questions?
Bart: I need to use the bathroom.
Skinner: That’s not a question, but hurry up. We have to be back at school in time for detention.
Bart: Whoa, what’s with these crazy toilets?
Martin: Weren’t you paying attention? They generate tremendous suction using mini black holes created by the Super Collider!
Bart: Black hole, eh? I wonder what happens when they clog up.

Task: Make Bart Dump Paper Towel into a Gravity Toilet
Time: 30s
Location: Super Collider

Skinner: Why is the building shaking? Simpson, what have you done now?!
Bart: Uhhh, you might wanna grab a plunger…
Stephen Hawking: Such a primitive tool will not be enough. That micro black hole is about to break free from its containment bowl!
Quest Reward: Black Hole

A Matter of Density Pt. 2

Lenny starts

Lenny: Ahh, nothing beats a Donut Sprinkle Frappuccino on a normal temperature day. Hey, where’d my drink go?!
Carl: Looks like some kinda hole-shaped black thing sucked it up.
Lenny: What? I paid eight dollars for that beverage! I’m going in after it!

Task: Make Lenny Retrieve the Frappuccino
Time: 4h
Location: Black Hole

On job start:
Stephen Hawking: That poor fool! What has he done?!
Stephen Hawking: Matter that enters a black hole is irretrievably lost! No law of science save him now!

On job end:
Lenny: Got my drink back! And a half-eaten chocolate biscotti too!
Carl: Half is just the right amount.
Lenny: Plus some kinda weird electro-bits.
Carl: They look normal to me.

A Matter of Density Pt. 3

Lenny starts

Stephen Hawking: I can’t believe it! Perhaps Lenny’s density is higher than that of the black hole, allowing him to traverse its event horizon.
Carl: Yeah, Lenny can be pretty dense sometimes.
Carl: Get it?
Lenny: Yeah, I get it. And now you’re gonna get it!

Task: Make Lenny Hip-Check Carl into the Abyss
Time: 4h
Location: Black Hole
Requires: Carl

On job start:
Stephen Hawking: You imbecile! Now you’ve doomed your friend!
Lenny: Nah, he’ll be fine. Hey Carl, come back out here!
Carl: No way! Not until you apologize for shoving me!
Lenny: Never!

On job end:
Lenny: All right, Carl, I’m sorry already! Come outta the hole and let’s call it even.
Carl: It’s about time. I’m climbing out. And I found more of those gizmos.
Carl: Man, it was so dark in that black hole I could barely see my own gravity.
Stephen Hawking: But… but…
Stephen Hawking: *sigh* Perhaps some things are simply too stupid to be explained by science.

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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