SciFi: Act 1 Premium Walkthrough Part 3

In the future Maggie is a Rockstar but her beautiful voice is particular. Find out why right after the jump in the final part of the walkthrough for the premium items of Act 1 of the SciFi event!

After logging in on August 23rd, Gil will appear in our town with a new indicator_rockstarmaggie_promooffer.

Rockstar Maggie Gil Offer

Auto starts

Gil: Okay, Gil. Stay calm. You transcended the boundaries of space and time to find this deal.
Gil: Hello citizens of Springfield.
Homer: Oh great! Now I’m being bombarded by ads from other dimensions!
Gil: Just hear me out! Because your own little baby, Maggie, is back from the future, where… get this… she’s no longer a baby!
Homer: Then what the hell is she?
Gil: She grew up to be every parents dream! A grungy, hard-living rock star!
Homer: Woo-hoo!

SFHS Gil One Panel SFHS Gil Offer

Offer accepted:
Gil: Ka-ching! Maybe next time I’m in town you can get Ol’ Gil some free tickets.
Homer: Sure! I can do that. As long as you stay away forever.

Offer declined:
Gil: Aw, how could you turn your back on your family like that? I’m like a brother to you, aren’t I?
Gil: A long lost, dirty, thirsty brother.

Dial M for Maggie Pt. 1

Rockstar Maggie Starts

Rockstar Maggie: —
Homer: Wait, don’t say anything! You look familiar! You’re famous, right? Ooh! Can I have your autograph?
Rockstar Maggie: *signs autograph*
Homer: “Maggie Simpson.” Hey, I HAVE heard of you! Don’t tell me… you were one of the Spice Girls, right?
Rockstar Maggie: —
Homer: I said don’t tell me!

Task: Make Homer Authenticate Rockstar Maggie’s Autograph
Task: Make Rockstar Maggie Not Get a Word In
Time: 8h
Location: Simpson House

Dial M for Maggie Pt. 2

Rockstar Maggie Starts

Homer: Hey Marge! There’s a new rock star in town named Maggie Simpson! And she has the same name as our baby, What’s-Her-Name!
Rockstar Maggie: …
Marge: Homer, that’s Maggie from the future! She came back in time to do a big benefit concert for veterans of the robot war.
Homer: Wow, my own daughter, a rock star? I can’t wait to hear her voice for the first time as she says, “Here’s your cut of the ticket sales, Dad.”
Rockstar Maggie: …

Task: Make Rockstar Maggie Plug a Cable Into Her Head
Time: 8h
Location: PolyVac

Dial M for Maggie Pt. 3

Rockstar Maggie Starts

Homer: Okay, Maggie, I’m done talking. You can speak now.
Homer: Neat! She’s downloading files via electro-cortical implant. Whatever that means.
Marge: Aw, it’s like a pacifier that goes directly into her brain.

Task: Make Rockstar Maggie Download Vocal Enhancements
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield Hyperstadium

Dial M for Maggie Pt. 4

Rockstar Maggie Starts

Homer: Ready for your big concert now, sweetie pie?
Rockstar Maggie: …
Marge: Homer, shush! She doesn’t want to strain her voice right before a show! Don’t make her talk!
Homer: Sorry, Maggie. I just wanted to hear your voice! I’m so proud of you for succeeding where I failed, at being a long-haired rock star.
Rockstar Maggie: …

Task: Make Rockstar Maggie Conserve Her Voice
Task: Make Homer Try to Grow Out His Hair
Time: 8h
Location: Simpson House

Dial M for Maggie Pt. 5

Homer starts

Homer: Wow, I can’t believe my own daughter is about to rock the Hyperstadium! I’ve never been so proud, or even at all proud, of one of my kids before.
Lisa: Dad, we’re sitting right next to you. And I’ve gotten straight A’s on my report card every semester.
Homer: Quiet, Lisa. Long live rock!
Rockstar Maggie: …
Marge: That’s strange. I can’t hear her voice.
Homer: Me neither! I see her lips moving, but I don’t hear a thing.
Bart: She sounds great to me!
Lisa: Me too! Her voice is ethereal!
Bart: Don’t you guys get it? She downloaded a vocal enhancement so she could sing in a pitch too high for adults to hear. Rock on, sister!
Homer: So I still never heard my baby speak.
Nelson: … …!
Bart: I heard that!

Task: Make Rockstar Maggie Rock the Hyperstadium
Task: Make Youngsters Rock Out [x3]
Task: Make Homer Strain to Hear
Time: 1h
Location: Springfield Hyperstadium

System Message: Rockstar Maggie can now perform at the Open Air Stage.

Dial M for Maggie Pt. 6

Rockstar Maggie Starts

Homer: You put on a great show, Maggie. The veterans of the robot war appreciate it. And I’m proud of you.
Rockstar Maggie: …
Marge: And it’s okay that we can’t hear you. We know you had to upgrade your voice to reach your biggest fans.
Rockstar Maggie: I love you, Mom and Dad.
Marge: I didn’t catch that. Could you hear her, Homer?
Homer: No. But I could read her lips, loud and clear.
Homer: …Something about us all going out for some frosty chocolate milkshakes. Woo-hoo!

Task: Make Homer Go Out for a Frosty Chocolate Milkshake
Task: Make Rockstar Maggie Go Out for a Frosty Chocolate Milkshake
Time: 8h
Location: Ice Cream Truck or Kwik-E-Mart

Purple Reign

Homer starts

Homer: As usual, Earth has only one hope…
Homer: Rockstars! Maggie, rage against the machines!
Rockstar Maggie: …

Task: Make Rockstar Maggie Rage Against the Machines
Time: 4h
Location: PolyVac

System Message: Continue Sending Maggie to Rage Against the Machines to earn more Prize Track Currency!

Place Holo-Bench

Auto starts

Homer: Is your bench safe to sit on?
Professor Frink: Oh, yes, absolutely. It uses a series of finely-tuned magnets to…
Homer: Ow! I fell right through it!
Professor Frink: That’s not my bench.

Elysium Project

Auto starts

Task: Make Reverend Lovejoy Cross the Firmament
Time: 10h
Location: Elysium Project

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


2 thoughts on “SciFi: Act 1 Premium Walkthrough Part 3

  1. My “B” game says that there are 2 days &15 hours left for future Maggie, but she’s gone in my “A” game. What gives? I just got enough donuts to get her, and she’s gone. WAAAA!


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