SciFi: Act 2 starts!

The second act of the event has just started! With it some items are returning while some have been added fresh new: the Robot Salvage License  now costs 60 Donuts; Frink’s Robot Dog and Frinkosonic MHV have returned; Frink’s Lab w/Professor Frink and LadyBot, Future-Proofed Home w/LadyBot, Future-Proofed Home and Big Digi-Ben have been added to the store!


22 thoughts on “SciFi: Act 2 starts!

  1. I think I’m playing wrong, i’m having real trouble with this event? Basically you can get 500 – 600 currency every four hours, so to meet the target you need to basically play four times each day, which is at least 12 hours? This means I can’t catch up like I usually do (I work long shifts and can’t play at all while there, no reception) Is this EA being mean or am I missing something? I’ve been playing for 2 years now, i’m starting to hate these intense events, but I bought donuts so I can’t quit!


    • Actually for this act you need to play 5 times a day to meet the goals, or hope to get lucky and get a lot of those 1100 currency Daily Challenges. It is ridiculous!
      If you have all the premiums: Frank Grimes, Rockstar Maggie, Ladybot and the blue Dome thing(cant remember the name), you can make it on 3-4 times a day.
      My D is stuck since im only lvl 15 and need the policehouse for the main quest, not sure Ill even be able to move on to act three.


      • Still can’t get Rockstar Maggie since they ended the Gil Deal early! It was their screw up, not mine. They better do something about this quick!


  2. Mini game seemed to collect fewer rewards with the new robodrones – despite them being worth double. Then something changed and now I’m getting more. Maybe EA realised they were being too stingy and it was going to be tough to get all the prizes.

    As it was, I only just managed to get all the Act 1 prizes.


  3. Where did the Gil Deal go? We should ha e a little over 3 days left on the timer. EA really screwed up and I was going to buy it today.


      • Hey, LPNITA, I’m a neighbor in your town: username is Thom***. Thanks for the reply. But what we were told is what we were don’t within game, and EA can’t expect us to go to forums to confirm whatever may be buried within the files.

        Also, it seems to have vanished mainly for those that already have Frink, because I’ve been hearing that as soon as they get the Frink bundle, the Gil Deal disappears immediately.


          • Nope. And there are several who have been having the same experience on this other forum I’m on: (they are strict about not posting spoilers).

            The deal is not even in the SciFi buy menu either. I wonder if EA is even going to do something about this soon!

            Hey, you see me in your neighbor list, right? Don’t want to give the whole name out, but Thom***.


    • You have to tap it. Dont get it just for that ability, the polyvac does the same, only every 4hrs instead of 60 min. More robots does not generate, BigDigiBen sucks up 20 every hour (or if you dont log in every hour, however many robots is in your town, up to 80) polyvac sucks up 80 every 4hrs (unless you have manually tapped robots – then there are fewer roaming the town).
      Both sucks up every robot in town. If you tap BDB right before the polyvac, the polyvac has nothing to suck up, so you dont get 20+80 you get 20+0

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