SciFi: Act 2 Prizes

New buildings, new decorations and a very peculiar character awaits us in the Prize Track of Act 2, including a future version of Bart and Lisa! Join us right after the jump for the list and cost of all Act 2 Prizes!


image name cost
unlock_moocherbart Mooch Bart sidebar_scifi_time4.600
futuresimpsonshouse_menu Future Simpson’s House sidebar_scifi_time9.200
astrohouse_menu Astro-House sidebar_scifi_time13.800
kwikemart2054_menu Newfangled Kwik-E-Mart sidebar_scifi_time18.700
cryostasismemorial_menu Cryo Stasis Memorial sidebar_scifi_time23.900
unlock_presidentlisa President Lisa sidebar_scifi_time29.100

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


9 thoughts on “SciFi: Act 2 Prizes

  1. My 3D printer is full max and crafted almost all buildings is this happening cause my content was wiped out and started me over lol


      1. I had my content totally wiped out three weeks ago and it started over from the beginning with first a bunch of donut scratch offs then the Xp machine and premium characters and buildings and was at level 102 and now level 41 and already reported this to EA 5 times but I guess they think since I got all these donuts it’s ok I rather have all what I worked for and now today I just finished act 2 of the sci fi wow lol


        1. that sucks 😦 you lost your account or were you playing anonimously?


  2. EA network is down due to a Denial of Service attack by a group called PoodleCorp, who apparently does these things just because they can…


  3. I am stuck in one of my places can’t log out or in and when visiting friends place in and out I keep on getting 30 of each parts for the game and I am already near future Lisa what is going on lol


    1. it’s happening with the big digi-ben glitching the game out.


  4. Is there something wrong at EA can’t log in says there server busy try later


    1. yes there’re problems reporting disconnections or unable to connect in the last few hours unfortunatly


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