SciFi: Act 2 Prizes Walkthrough Part 1

What’s Bart doing in the future? Did he move out or is he still in the Future Simpson House? Join us right after the jump for the first part of the walkthrough of the Act 2 Prizes of the SciFi event!


28 Years Later Pt. 1

Auto starts

Task: Get Mooch Bart
Task: Collect Chronons [x4600]

he Mooch Who Knew Too Much Pt. 1

Homer starts

Homer: Look! Some lowlife bum followed us back from the future!
Mooch Bart: Hey. I’m your son! I’m the proud adult that Bart grew into thanks to your genes and parenting skills.
Homer: Why you big–
Lisa: Dad, wait! I think it really is him! He’s got spiky hair, he hasn’t bathed in a month, and your hands fit perfectly around his neck!
Marge: Bart? How have you been?
Mooch Bart: I’ve done very well for myself, thank you. Very well indeed.

Task: Make Mooch Bart Lie About His Success
Time: 1h
Location: Simpson House

The Mooch Who Knew Too Much Pt. 2

Bart starts

Bart: Wow! I actually survived past the age of ten! So what does future me do for a living?
Mooch Bart: Well, uhm, I haven’t exactly hammered out a career yet.
Bart: Really? With all my skills and talents, you couldn’t find a job?
Mooch Bart: Nope. Skateboarding and smart-mouthing don’t pay as well as you’d think.
Bart: Rats. In that case, we’d better combine our intellects and figure out a career plan.

Task: Reach Level 12 and Place Bart’s Treehouse
Task: Make Mooch Bart Figure Out a Career
Time: 8h
Location: Bart’s Treehouse

The Mooch Who Knew Too Much Pt. 3

Mooch Bart starts

Bart: I’ve got it! I know the perfect career for someone with your knowledge of the future!
Mooch Bart: Sports betting? Stock speculation?
Bart: No, blackmailing! You must know all the celebrity dirt that hasn’t come out yet!
Mooch Bart: And how! All I do is lie around drinking Romulan Ale and watching daytime holo-TV.
Bart: So who’s our first victim?
Mooch Bart: Krusty the…

Task: Make Mooch Bart Blackmail a Clown
Task: Make Krusty Receive a Blackmailing
Time: 8h
Location: Krusty Burger

Krusty: How did you know about my five Russian wives?
Mooch Bart: There’s five? Even in the future we only know about three.
Krusty: Hm. I musta gotten a couple of Mexican divorces.
Mooch Bart: Pay up, Casanozo.

The Mooch Who Knew Too Much Pt. 4

Mooch Bart starts

Kent Brockman: Kent Brockman here.
Kent Brockman: At the front door of my house, in my slippers. What the hell do you want?
Bart: We’re here to present you with a “financial opportunity.”
Kent Brockman: I don’t like the sound of those air quotes.
Mooch Bart: You see, a few years from now, I learned about a certain nasally administered white powder you’ve been purchasing in large quantities.
Kent Brockman: You know about the medicated powder for my shameful nose-acne? Don’t tell anyone! I’ll pay anything you want!

Task: Make Mooch Bart Blackmail a Newscaster
Task: Make Kent Brockman Receive a Blackmailing
Time: 8h
Location: Simpson House

The Mooch Who Knew Too Much Pt. 5

Mooch Bart starts

Wolfcastle: Vhat brings you flabby time twins to my three-man Jacuzzi?
Bart: Mr. Wolfcastle, my associate here has come into certain information regarding your box office smash “McBain 7: Running on Fumes.”
Wolfcastle: I’m reluctantly listening vith one earhole.
Mooch Bart: As it turns out, the entire plot of the movie was plagiarized from a 1973 popsicle stick riddle!
Wolfcastle: It’s true. I ate that delicious pop and committed the stick to memory. Don’t tell anyone!
Mooch Bart: Oh, we won’t. For a price.

Task: Make Mooch Bart Blackmail a Movie Star
Time: 8h
Location: Wolfcastle’s Mansion or Simpson House
If the user has Wolfcastle: Task: Make Wolfcastle Receive a Blackmailing
Time: 8h
Location: Wolfcastle’s Mansion

The Mooch Who Knew Too Much Pt. 6

Mooch Bart starts

Mooch Bart: Thanks for the great advice, younger me. Blackmail is a fun and rewarding career.
Bart: Yeah… but where’s my cut?
Mooch Bart: Let’s say I’ll hold onto it, and you’ll receive it in the future when you become me. We’re cool, right?
Bart: No, we are NOT cool. Either you give me my fair 75% share, or embarrassing photos of me will eventually embarrass YOU down the road!
Mooch Bart: What kind of photos?
Bart: Picture me in a glittery Happy-Little-Elf costume, slow-dancing with Martin.
Mooch Bart: Instead of picturing that, I’ll just pay.

Task: Make Bart Blackmail a Mooch
Task: Make Mooch Bart Receive a Blackmailing
Time: 8h
Location: Simpson House

28 Years Later Pt. 2

Auto starts

Homer: Ahhh, here I am at my own house in the future.
Mooch Bart: Hey Homer.
Homer: Bart?! It’s time for you to move out! You’re older than me now!
Mooch Bart: Then it’s time for YOU to move out.
Alternate Barbarian Homer: Him have point.

Task: Place the Future Simpson House
Task: Collect Chronons [x9200]

Lisa: Our future house looks a lot like our current house.
Mooch Bart: Yeah, I don’t do a lotta maintenance.
Homer: At least you replaced your skateboard with a hoverboard.
Marge: That’s my hover ironing board!

28 Years Later Pt. 3

Auto starts

Homer: That place looks interesting. Let’s go in and check it out.
Alternate Kingsized Homer: If it requires going up stairs, count me out.
Homer: Maybe it has an elevator.
Alternate Kingsized Homer: Those only go down for me.

Task: Place the Astro-House
Task: Collect Chronons [x13800]


Auto starts

Task: Make Skinner Marvel at the Stars
Time: 7h
Location: Astro-House

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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