SciFi: Act 2 Prizes Walkthrough Part 2

Lisa is running for president, while a futuristic Kwik-E-Mart and a frozen place remembers us of something we’ll probably never get. Join us right after the jump for the second part of the walkthrough of the Act 2 Prizes of the SciFi event!


28 Years Later Pt. 4

Auto starts

Homer: Oooh! A futuristic Kwik-E-Mart! I wonder what wares they sell.
Alternate Evil Homer: Same crapola as before.
Alternate Strongman Homer: Yep! This future jerky is from 1973.
Homer: All jerky is from 1973! That’s the only year jerky was made.
Alternate Kingsized Homer: Mmm, vintage jerky.

Task: Place the Newfangled Kwik-E-Mart
Task: Collect Chronons [x18700]

28 Years Later Pt. 5

Auto starts

Homer: We’re in the future for sure. I can tell from all the people tubes and suicide booths and cryogenic facilities.
Bender: Sounds suspiciously like an episode of Futurama.
Alternate Strongman Homer: It’s a robot! Kill him!
Bender: Bite my shiny metal ass!
Matt Groening: That’s not licensed for this game! I’m suing myself!

Task: Place the Cryo Stasis Memorial
Task: Collect Chronons [x23900]

Cryogenics Pt. 1

Grampa starts

Grampa: I’m moving?
Homer: That’s right. Welcome to your futuristic new home!
Grampa: This cryogenic chamber is tiny and cold! Although still much larger and warmer than my room at the retirement castle.
Homer: Enjoy your “nap.” Hey, I wonder if the light will stay on when I close the door.
Grampa: Wake me in the year 1984 so I can see the future!

Task: Make Grampa Rest in a Cryo Chamber
Time: 10h
Location: Cryo Stasis Memorial

Cryogenics Pt. 2

Jasper starts

Jasper: Where ya been, Abe? We missed you at the pill swap.
Grampa: I got a great new place! It’s has a soothing fluorescent hum and an airtight lid.
Jasper: Sounds great! Do they have any vacancies?
Grampa: No, but if we defrost Walt Disney you can take his chamber.

Task: Make Grampa Rest in a Cryo Chamber
Task: Make Jasper Rest in a Cryo Chamber
Time: 10h
Location: Cryo Stasis Memorial

28 Years Later Pt. 6

Auto starts

Homer: I wonder what Lisa’s up to in the future? I hope she’s got a respectable job, like celebrity spokesmodel or talk-show doctor.
Alternate Kingsized Homer: She’s President of the United States.
Homer: What a disappointment.
Alternate Evil Homer: Let’s kidnap the Commander in Chief and send her to a time-out!

Task: Get President Lisa
Task: Collect Chronons [x29100]

Presidential Primaries Pt. 1

President Lisa starts

President Lisa: What’s going on?! I can breathe the air, but I can’t taste it! And the climate doesn’t seem as globally warmed.
President Lisa: And the sea level, although several miles away, seems a lot lower.
Mooch Bart: We came back in time, Sis! This is the Springfield of our childhood!
President Lisa: *gasp* But in the future, I was President of the United States! I was helping lead America out of economic and social turmoil!
Mooch Bart: Stuff’s happening here, too. You wanna help me blackmail Krusty?
President Lisa: No! We can’t do anything, or we might change history! And then I might never get elected President! Just sit perfectly still and don’t interact with any molecules!

Task: Make President Lisa Avoid Molecules
Time: 8h
Location: PolyVac or Brown House

President Lisa: It’s no use! Everywhere I turn it’s molecules, molecules, molecules!

Presidential Primaries Pt. 2

President Lisa starts

President Lisa: Everything we do is affecting the timeline! I think I just accidentally sat on a butterfly!
Mooch Bart: So what? You said yourself the future was an environmental and economic disaster. Why not let things change?
President Lisa: Because I want to be President! Plus, your future might be completely changed too! You might never have an ex-wife, or weekend custody of your kids!
Mooch Bart: And the downside is…?

Task: Make President Lisa Disrupt the Timeline
Time: 8h
Location: PolyVac or Brown House

Presidential Primaries Pt. 3

President Lisa starts

President Lisa: I give up. I guess I just have to accept that history is changing and I’ll never get to be President.
Mooch Bart: Why not run for President here, in the past? It’s an election year!
President Lisa: It’s too late for that. I’m sure both parties already have highly popular, uncontroversial candidates.

Task: Make President Lisa Look Up Who’s Running for President this Year
Time: 8h
Location: PolyVac or Brown House

President Lisa: Holy crap! I’m throwing my hat in the ring!

Presidential Primaries Pt. 4

President Lisa starts

President Lisa: I need to decide who my running mate will be. Should I pick a safe choice from a swing state, or double down with someone who shares my exact thoughts and opinions.
Lisa: How about me?
President Lisa: Oh my gosh! You’re me, back before I learned not to dress like Pebbles Flintstone!
Lisa: As you know, I’ve always wanted to be President. But I might be willing to start as Vice President. What do you say?
President Lisa: I’m not sure the country is ready for an all-female ticket, let alone one consisting of time clones, one of whom is eight years old.
President Lisa: But sure… why not!

Task: Make President Lisa Run for President
Time: 8h
Location: Simpson Home

Presidential Primaries Pt. 5

President Lisa starts

President Lisa: If ever there were a year when a third-party candidate could get elected, this is it!
Lisa: Yeah! So what’s our party called? The Green Party?
President Lisa: The Yellow Party.
Lisa: And what’s our platform?
President Lisa: We’re strongly opposed to the Venusian trade pact! The Venusians are just trying to take our jobs and beryllium!
Lisa: Uhm, that hasn’t happened yet.
President Lisa: And it never will, if I get elected!

Task: Make President Lisa Oppose the Venusian Trade Pact
Time: 24h
Location: Simpson Home

Presidential Primaries Pt. 6

President Lisa starts

President Lisa: This is the big night! The election returns are coming in!
Lisa: We’re leading in North Carolina, South Dakota, and West Virginia!
President Lisa: What about East Googlia?
Lisa: That’s not a state yet.
President Lisa: It isn’t? Then why did we spend a hundred million dollars in TV ad buys there?

Task: Make President Lisa Watch the Election Returns
Task: Make Lisa Watch the Election Returns
Time: 8h
Location: Simpson Home

President Lisa: Rats. We lost badly, and to a candidate less popular than liver.
Lisa: On the bright side, maybe we didn’t change history after all. So I can still run again when I’m old enough to be you!
President Lisa: The system works!

After completing Army of the Five Monkeys Pt. 4 and 28 Years Later Pt. 5, a small quest starts right after.

Pillow Talk

After completing Army of the Five Monkeys Pt. 4 and 28 Years Later Pt. 5
Homer starts

Marge: Homie, I like how you’ve been doing important tasks in other universes, but I miss you here at home. What about our snuggle time?
Homer: It’s a little tricky with King-Sized Homer in bed between us.
Alternate Kingsized Homer: Oh, don’t mind me.
Alternate Evil Homer: If that meat mountain rolls over we’re as good as dead!
Alternate Strongman Homer: Quiet! I’m trying to sleep!
Alternate Barbarian Homer: This pillow comfortable.
Alternate Kingsized Homer: That’s not a pillow. And take off your pointy hat!
Moe: Say there, Midge. Is this a bad time to inquire about starting a torrid, hush-hush affair?
Marge: Is anyone NOT in this bedroom?!
Comic Book Guy: I’m just looking through the window. Does that count?

Task: Make Homer Sleep in a Man Pile
Time: 8h
Location: Simpson Home

SciFact Bonus

Auto starts

Task: Collect Chronons [x3000]
SciFact Bonus 2

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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