What Changed With the SciFi Patch 4’s Server Update? (September 1st)

After yesterday’s patch, a server-side patch released new payouts for the SciFighter minigame and activated some characters interactions. As most of you know by now, every update not only brings new content but also changes to many other aspects of the game. From prices to appearance, task lengths to requirements, any part of the game is subject to change and many changes affect every player. Follow us right after the jump for the list of all of the changes.

The event currency reward for SciFighter has changed! The base payout is now 100 instead of 50, the Completion reward is now 45 instead of 30 and the Reward per second is now 5 instead of 3. Also the minigame will payout Smart Devices after the event!


Some characters now interact when both idle, performing some of their visible tasks animations: Maggie and Rockstar Maggie, Bart and Mooch Bart, Lisa and President Lisa, Teddy Roosevelt and Stampy, Barney and Homer, Comic Book Guy and Homer, Ned and Kirk, Gina Vendetti and Marvin Monroe, Snake and Jay, Fat Tony and Luigi, Mrs. Hoover and Mrs. Krabappal, Mr. Burns and Robo Burns, Michael D’Amico and Luigi, Ralph and Michael D’Amico, Old Jewish Man and Dr. Hibbert, Selma and Patty, Nelson and Otto, Carl and Homer, Paris Texan and Miss Springfield, Smithers and Disco Stu, Space Coyote and Santa’s Little Helper, Marge and Mrs. Krabappel, Kang and Kodos, Jasper and Grampa, Willy and Roscoe, Lou and Eddie, Krusty and Handsome Pete, Becky and Otto, Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy, Lugash and Fatov, The Fracker and Charcoal Briquette, Petroleous Rex and Old King Coal, Mr. Burns and The Scout Master, Squawky and Freedom, Lisa and Dawey Largo, and Ralph and Uter.


Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


16 thoughts on “What Changed With the SciFi Patch 4’s Server Update? (September 1st)

  1. Hello

    Very off-topic, but as its the latest post, more people r bound to read this

    Can someone please clarify something to me about this Springfield Heights bonus??

    I already have Paris Texan & Ive upgraded all buildings (Condo, Business Center, Mansion etc)……… In order to get the bonus, do I need to have all these buildings out/visible in my game?? Or can they be in storage and I still get the bonus??

    Please somebody advise. Thanks


    • As with any bonus giving items or buldings that generate money, the buildings/items need to be placed. You can not collect rents/income from building in storagw. You will not get bonus for having items in the inventory.


    • What’s this bonus you speak of? I was unaware that the buildings gave a bonus. I just assumed they were the equivalent of decorations that help your vanity/indolence/etc.


  2. I hope after the event they also give us a chance to win some items with multiplier (like in Insanity minigame).


  3. Since yesterdays patch I can’t play the Simpson’s any more. My device doesn’t have enough memory. I tried to transfer to a 64GB SD card, couldn’t do that said not enough memory.


    • Data has to be -temporarily- stored on the device before it transfers it to the SD card. If your device don’t have enough space to store it, it won’t download directly to the card.


  4. I’m tempted to ask how you figure out how they’re server-side, but anyways, my question is:
    I get how they’d increase payout server-side, but isn’t it odd that they’d make a permanent change for after the event by server instead of DLC? Weird to me.


  5. They had to increase the rewards because non premium players didn’t stand a chance in getting through all the levels (quests) !!


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