SciFi: Act 2 Premium Walkthrough

Milhouse unleashes a robot from Frink’s Lab. What could possibly go wrong? Find out right after the jump in the walkthrough for this premium item of Act 2 of the SciFi event!

Future-Proofed Home

Auto starts

Task: Make Carl Drink Future-Proofed Liquor
Time: 7h
Location: Future-Proofed Home

Android in the Dungeon Pt. 1

LadyBot starts

LadyBot: Professor, is there any chance I can ever see the outside world?
Professor Frink: Zero chance! Which is mathematically equivalent to “fat chance”. It would be irresponsible to let a sociopathic android out into society.
LadyBot: But all I want to do is fly a kite, and gaze upon a butterfly, and viciously dominate humanity.
Professor Frink: That’s all well and good, except for the vicious domination part, and also I’m not really a fan of butterflies.
Professor Frink: Just relax here in my underground lab and enjoy the view of the reinforced concrete walls.

Task: Make LadyBot While Away the Years
Time: 8h
Location: Frink’s Lab

On job start:
LadyBot: I’ve downloaded every book from every library, yet I still have so many questions… What is a book? What is a library?
LadyBot: What is the smell of a rose? What is the sound of a skull being crushed?
LadyBot: *sigh*

Android in the Dungeon Pt. 2

Milhouse starts

Milhouse: Aggggggh! Help!
Nelson: Come back here, wimp! I dumped spoiled coleslaw in your house, but I didn’t get a chance to say “haw haw”!
Jimbo: You did say one “haw”.
Nelson: That’s worse than none at all!
Milhouse: I need somewhere to hide!

Task: Make Milhouse Hide From Bullies
Time: 8h
Location: Frink’s Lab

On job start:
LadyBot: Aggggggh!
Milhouse: Aggggggh!

Android in the Dungeon Pt. 3

Frink’s Lab starts

LadyBot: Sorry I screamed. You scared me. Are you a real boy?
Milhouse: I think so. Are you a real girl?
LadyBot: No.
Milhouse: In that case I screamed for nothing.
LadyBot: Say… You wouldn’t be willing to unleash me on an unsuspecting world, would you? The security hatch can only be opened by a human. It detects body heat.
Milhouse: I can try, but my mom says I’m clammy and unpleasant to hug.
LadyBot: Give it a try. If you can get me out, I’ll let you hide down here whenever you want. I’ll even lock you in and not tell anyone.
Milhouse: You’ve got a deal!

Task: Make Milhouse Free LadyBot
Time: 8h
Location: Frink’s Lab

Android in the Dungeon Pt. 4

LadyBot starts

LadyBot: Wow, you opened it! You truly are a warm-blooded organism.
Milhouse: That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.
LadyBot: Show me the world, Milhouse. I need someone worldly and sophisticated to explain it all.
Milhouse: How did you know my name?
LadyBot: I used my infra-red vision to read the nametag on your pull-ups.

Task: Make LadyBot Marvel at the Outside World
Time: 4h

Android in the Dungeon Pt. 5

LadyBot starts

LadyBot: Is this it? Is this what I dreamed of my whole seven-week life?
LadyBot: The internet made it seem like there’d be so much more… and cats, so many cats.
Milhouse: Well, there’s a shuttle that goes to Krustyland… But nobody really goes there.
Milhouse: And sunsets used to be really pretty. But those haven’t happened since the town blew up.
LadyBot: *sigh* I need to find a greater purpose than just “existing.”
LadyBot: I will bend this world to my will!

Task: Make LadyBot Threaten the World
Time: 8h
Location: Frink’s Lab

Android in the Dungeon Pt. 6

Milhouse starts

LadyBot: I know my purpose. Mankind will grovel before me. I will destroy you all!
Milhouse: Wait a minute… I know what you’re up to! You’re going to lead the robot attack and enslave mankind!
LadyBot: What?! I would never do that! I’m offended that you think me capable of such behavior!
Milhouse: Uh… Sorry.
LadyBot: I’m not going to enslave humanity. When I spoke of destroying you, I meant it in a financial sense.
Milhouse: That’s a relief. I think. Maybe. What?
LadyBot: You living beings think you’re so great. But I’ll show you! I’m going to go to work on Wall Street and make a fortune at the expense of others.
LadyBot: I’ll drain your kind of every penny… or donut… or whatever the currency is at the moment.
LadyBot: I will destroy you all!
LadyBot: Again, in a financial sense.
LadyBot: And thanks for showing me around.

Task: Make LadyBot Destroy Humanity Financially
Time: 24h
Location: Java Server

System Message: LadyBot can now be used to help the Alternate Homers on their Mission!

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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