SciFi: New and returning items added to the store!

Get ready to be teleported everywhere as new and returning items have been added to the store: the shiny new Future Monument and Teleporter Zeta and Teleporter Tetha, the returning (and new) Teleporter 4 Pack (Alpha, Omega, Tetha, Zeta), and the returning Self-Reliant House!


6 thoughts on “SciFi: New and returning items added to the store!

  1. Did you gents post the sound FX for this event somewhere? Thank you!


    1. unfortunatly the plugin seems to have disappeared 😦


    1. The monument is just a building that do nothing but look pretty.
      The teleporters gets you anywhere in your town. You click on one and it can take you to any of the other 3 and you can place them anywhere.


    2. self-reliant house nets you $200 and XP 20 every 12 hours (Indolence: +10)
      Teleporter Zeta and Teleporter Theta (Vanity: +200, Bonus $ and XP: +0.50% – each)


  2. As big as our towns have gotten, the two new teleporters are a welcome addition. I use Alpha & Omega all the time but that still left over 1/2 the town.

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