SciFi: Last 24 hours of Act 2!

The last 24 hours for Act 2 are upon us! Hurry up and finish it and remember that the following items are leaving the store tomorrow: Black Hole, Frink’s Robot Dog, Frinkosonic MHV, Future Monument, Teleporter Zeta and Teleporter Tetha, Teleporter 4 Pack (Alpha, Omega, Tetha, Zeta), Self-Reliant House, Frink’s Lab w/Professor Frink and LadyBot, Future-Proofed Home w/LadyBot, Future-Proofed Home, Big Digi-Ben, Mars Colony and Ultrahouse 2!


3 thoughts on “SciFi: Last 24 hours of Act 2!

  1. What am i doing wrong? I am 4k away from Lisa, i missed last prize of Act 1 by same amount. I play 3 to 4 times a day.


    1. It helps if you have a couple of the Premium characters. I bought Ladybot for this event. The extra storylines also help. Definitely need to check in 3-4 minimum. Missed out on all the prizes in Act 1 but then I was away when it started. Might just make President Lisa but it’ll be close. No doubt the same for the final Act – would help it it wasn’t so frantic/frustrating trying to get all the right stuff for the prizes.


      1. If you change all the daily tasks to the one that is the collectable currency it really helps. 4 visits to the polyvac is a minimum in my opinion. Keep tapping, 8 hours to go!


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