SciFi: Act 3 starts!

The 3rd and final act of the event is starting now! The Robot Salvage License now costs 30 Donuts while this items are now in the store: Give Apes the Vote Billboard, Rocket to Your Doom, Cremo Bot, Hover-Copter, Holo Bundle, Home of Tomorrow w/Rocket Car and Lampwick, Home of Tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “SciFi: Act 3 starts!

  1. Hello everybody! I am a little confused because I cannot seem to buy the Home of Tomorrow individually. The only thing that shows up is the Home of Tomorrow + more-bundle. Will the Home of Tomorrow become available in the coming week or do I have to get the bundle (which is a nice deal of course, but I just don’t like the Rocket Car)?


    • Home of Tomorrow is only available as a seperate item if you already have Lampwick and the Rocket car. Lampwick will have a currency earning quest line.
      Unfortunatly, you can not store the Rocket car without also storing Lampwick. It can be hidden behind buildings.


  2. Can’t coonect to eerver. Tried two devices internet conn is ok. Anyone else havingbthis problem. Been trying for 1 hour.


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