SciFi: Act 3 Walkthrough Part 1

Sometimes your plan backfires on you. Sometimes you must ally with your enemies. What will happen in the final act of the event? Join us right after the jump for the first part of the walkthrough of Act 3 of the SciFi event!
Note: Sorry for the mishap this morning. The article is here to stay now.

After completing Smack to the Future Pt. 10 and starting Act 3, the final chapter begins!

Rise of the Machine

Auto starts

Stephen Hawking: The destruction is nearly complete. And all because of the simple changes I made to the three laws of robotics.
Robot: First Law: Obey Master Hawking.
Robot: Second Law: Hurt everyone else.
Robot: Third Law: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s ox.
Ned: Yes! Snuck one in there!
Stephen Hawking: Now, for the final step of my plan, I will upgrade myself into a huge and terrifying robot. It will require a fortune in game money, and twenty years of tapping!

Judgment Day! Pt. 1

Stephen Hawking starts

Mecha Hawk: Greetings from the year Twenty Years From Now!
Stephen Hawking: Who are you?
Mecha Hawk: I am Mecha Hawk, better known as you from the future! Fully upgraded and ready to lead the robot army against the scientifically challenged.
Stephen Hawking: Sounds good!
Mecha Hawk: …Starting with you, Professor Hawking! For you see, some of your theories turned out to be a little off!
Stephen Hawking: …
Stephen Hawking: Help! Sky Finger!

Task: Fend Off Mecha Hawk with the PolyVac

First Loss Dialogue

Auto starts

Lisa: The robots are winning! They’re much tougher than before!
Stephen Hawking: I have mixed emotions. Like any father, I’m proud of their success. I just wish they were in a different line of work.

To fend off Mecha Hawk you’ll need to tap him 10 times to complete the quest.

A Matter of Fact

Stephen Hawking starts

Stephen Hawking: If we could shrink the black hole somehow, we could cut off their gateway from the future.
Bart: What if I shove a big old cherry bomb in there?
Stephen Hawking: No! Any matter or energy will just make the hole larger. And thus more comfortable to invade through.
Lisa: What about antimatter?
Stephen Hawking: Even worse! The antimatter will annihilate with matter to create huge amounts of energy, which will convert back into still more matter. It’s hopeless!
Professor Frink: Or is it?!
Stephen Hawking: Professor Frink?! Where did you come from?
Professor Frink: I time traveled here from Act Two, remember? Now heave that antimatter on in there! Trust me for once!

Task: Make Stephen Hawking Heave Antimatter into the Black Hole
Time: 4h
Location: PolyVac

Judgment Day! Pt. 2

Homer starts

Professor Frink: Did you see that fantabulous flash as the antimatter went into the black hole?
Homer: I was waaaay deep in a nap, but I’ll take your word for it.
Stephen Hawking: Strange. It didn’t look like Hawking Radiation.
Professor Frink: It wasn’t. It was FRINK Radiation! With the noises, and the blinding lights, and the things of that nature.
Lisa: It seems to have dazed the robots! And even Mecha Hawk!
Stephen Hawking: I don’t see how this is possible, but what do I know…
Stephen Hawking: …other than nearly everything. Quickly! Shove more antimatter in the black hole!

Task: Collect Antimatter [x1500]
Make Alternate Homers Throw Antimatter into the Black Hole [x4]
Time: 4h
Location: PolyVac
Task: Use PolyVac to Fend Off Mecha Hawk

System Message: While these Alternate Homers are visiting your Springfield, keep sending them to Throw Antimatter into the Black Hole

Judgment Day! Pt. 3

Stephen Hawking starts

Professor Frink: Hot pastrami! Score another point for Frink!
Stephen Hawking: I’m deeply embarrassed. My equation for Hawking Radiation omitted the third-order effect of Frink Radiation.
Mecha Hawk: A scientific error of the most trivial and therefore worst kind. Accordingly, you must die!
Homer: Not on my watch, buddy! By which I mean those other Homers’ watch. More antimatter, somebody!

Task: Collect Antimatter [x2750]
Use PolyVac to Fend Off Mecha Hawk

Judgment Day! Pt. 4

Stephen Hawking starts

Stephen Hawking: It’s working! Mecha Hawk’s arm just fell off!
Mecha Hawk: How could I not have seen this coming? I’m YOU from the future! I should remember this!
Stephen Hawking: Your arm landed on my head and gave me amnesia.

Task: Collect Antimatter [x5500]
Use PolyVac to Fend Off Mecha Hawk

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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