SciFi: Act 3 Prizes

The final act of the event may be the weirdest: it only lasts 1 week and has only 3 prizes: 2 decorations and one character! Join us right after the jump for the list and cost of all Act 3 Prizes!


image name cost
mechrobot_menu Mech Robot sidebar_scifi_matter2.750
crazyplane_menu Crazy Plane sidebar_scifi_matter5.500
unlock_minimecha Mecha Hawk sidebar_scifi_matter8.250

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


12 thoughts on “SciFi: Act 3 Prizes

  1. Space bucks? Says you will receive donuts at end of game just like last game did that I never received. Just wondering if I should spend or take a chance


  2. This act is so easy compared to the others. I have got all the items already, 14 battles, 3 days of 30 neighbour visits, and the help of Lampwick. I wont be using all the future bucks either, the only items i would like more of are unique. Just collecting for extra donughts now.


  3. Well at least these prizes should be easier to get. I’m now wondering what to do with all those future bucks – there are only so many buildings and street signs you can buy.


  4. I’m pretty meh on this entire event. I thought they had some pretty good prizes but the whole 3D printer was a big fail for me. Space is limited in my town and I hate having to build lots of duplicates. I don’t like putting things in storage either. I essentially haven’t used any future bucks at this point so they were completely pointless.


  5. How do you put out all the fires in the houses? The firehouse only lets you pick building like the Kwik E Mart, the Church and others but not the houses.


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