SciFi: Act 3 Prizes Kwik-Tap Guide

The final act of the event is quite short and brings us just 3 prizes, to conclude it. Join us right after the jump for the kwik-tap guide of the Act 3 Prizes of the SciFi event!

Mech Bart

Auto starts

Task: Make Bart Ride the Mech
Time: 7h
Location: Mech Robot

Place Crazy Plane

Auto starts

Text only

Mecha Hawk

Auto starts

Text only

SciFact Bonus

Auto starts

Task: Collect Antimatter [x3000]

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


5 thoughts on “SciFi: Act 3 Prizes Kwik-Tap Guide

  1. Is evil homer supposed to be a playable character? He shows up as waiting for a job but when I tap on him I get nothing?


  2. missing Mecha Hawk???

    i completed Act 3 and Homer says Mecha Hawk is so small it is standing on his fòot. i cant find Mecha Hawk.


  3. What’s going to be the next event Halloween I hope


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