SciFi: Act 3 Prizes Walkthrough

The final prizes of the event are all robots. The robot invasion is almost over but those will remain to remind us of the great adventure we were in. Join us right after the jump for the walkthrough of the Act 3 Prizes of the SciFi event!

Mech Bart

Auto starts

Bart: Check it out! A real live mechanical weapon of war!
Bart: Does it come from the distant future?
Homer: Nope! We just took a wormhole to Best Buy.

Task: Make Bart Ride the Mech
Time: 7h
Location: Mech Robot

Place Crazy Plane

Auto starts

Homer: Is this crazy plane safe to fly?
Mecha Hawk: Of course! It’s actually the safest form of crazy travel.

Mecha Hawk

Auto starts

Homer: Agghhh!
Stephen Hawking: Relax. It’s just a miniature souvenir.
Homer: An 8-foot-tall miniature souvenir! And it’s on my foot!

SciFact Bonus

Auto starts

Task: Collect Antimatter [x3000]

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


9 thoughts on “SciFi: Act 3 Prizes Walkthrough

  1. Is evil homer supposed to be a playable character?


    1. he’s an npc but he’ll probably be changed after event


      1. He shows up in town census as waiting for something to do.


  2. Is the job Make Bart Ride the Mech a one-time job only? I really like to watch it walk around the town.


  3. Can you please tell me is the ea Simpson forum is working? I have been going back and forth with ea customer support for two days and now they are telling me that the forum is closed? I have screens shots of the conversation but just don’t get it? Is this true? Thanks for all the hard work you put into this site and all the updates on the forum, u really have helped me a lot with my game play.


    1. it’s not working unfortunatly, contacted ea mods and they said they’re trying to fix it no date yet 😦


  4. Got the last prize yesterday! Glad this last Act was shorter than the previous Acts. Whatever happened to the Tapped Out forum. It’s been down for a couple of days. Missing all the regulars there. Hope all is well! Happy Friday Tappers!


    1. yes EA forum is having some problems, ea is aware they’re working on a fix


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