SciFi: Last 24+ hours of the event!

The last 24+ hours of the event have started! Hurry up and finish it! All items in the store may leave it when it ends and all prizes will be only obtainable with donuts when the timer hits 0!


12 thoughts on “SciFi: Last 24+ hours of the event!

  1. That update forced a lot quicker than usual. Sometimes you can squeeze out a day or two tapping those last needed items. Not this time.


  2. I barely squeaked out the last prize but I wasnt visiting friends towns very often. I also have a ton of useless future bucks. I might have to use donuts to get past the demo part.

    Hey LPNT, is there any where else I can get the sound effects from? Could I donate to the site in order to get them back / fixed or are they gone forever 🙂 :)?


  3. TheRealTiminator 09/19/2016 — 19:04

    I gotta be honest, I don’t know why Act 3 was only 1 week instead of the usual 2 for this event but I reckon Comic Book Guy would rate it: ” Errr, Lamest Act 3 Everrr!”
    Having just finished the “Status Quo” story line & unlocked the final prize (Evil Homer), I’m really disappointed with the prizes that Act 3 brought us, namely: 2 decorations (Mech & Airplane) and 2 npcs (Mechahawk & Evil Homer).
    Also, as others have mentioned here, what was the idea behind all the future dollars? By the time I’d completed all the demos for each item I already had more of everything than I would ever use. Not wanting them to all go to waste I bought multiples of all the currency earning buildings just in case, but i’d accrued so many future dollars that I now have 12 of each clogging up my inventory along with all the spooky houses & zenith city buildings from previous events, not to mention all the useless crap that Springfield Heights generated that can’t be sold.
    Well, enough of my whinging, lets hope the upcoming treehouse of horror event is an improvement for all of us.


  4. This update want make favourite. A lot of the buildings look weird not Springfield at all


  5. anyone else having trouble getting the last craft item (not the buck conversion)? I have about 2300 and need 3000 robot parts — going to be close


    1. I’m in the exact same spot — don’t think I’m going to make it.


    2. Yes! And it’s extra frustrating because I have over 20,000 stupid future bucks which I have no use for!!! Honestly this has been the most irritating event, I played so much, I have less than a 1000 robot parts which means it’s highly unlikely that unless the event doesn’t actually end tomorrow I won’t get it!


      1. you can wait till the update is forced to play more


        1. rebeccapedia 09/19/2016 — 18:40

          Even still, the only way to get robot parts now is too play sci-fighter or tap robots, you no longer collect any from visiting friends towns, I think I would need a couple of days! Is it worth shelling out donuts for the dream house? Does anyone have it?


          1. Tapatapatapa 09/20/2016 — 10:28

            I have the dream house and could live without it.
            It’s not particularly attractive or even interesting.


    3. No way to make the final printer items once the quest lines are finished as there’s only one task in the wormhole and that only produces 300ish robot parts every 4 hours. Only on Level 10 in my B town.


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