Update on EA Forum situation

At the moment, EA is experiencing some kind of trouble in the last 4 days: noone can access the EA forum, which is giving this error message once you try accessing it:
I recieved notice that EA is aware of the problem and they’re trying to fix it. If any source (including customer service) says that it’s down for good it’s not this. Previously this problem has appeared 3 times at least in the last months and has always been solved. I’ve been told by the moderators that it’s a problem they’re fixing. Hopefully it’ll be back soon and everyone can go back to posting there.

Update: The site has now a new message saying error 403. This shows EA is working some more. Hopefully it’ll be up soon!


13 thoughts on “Update on EA Forum situation

  1. I’m going to post this here and hope someone can help me or atleast notice my issue, the EA forum is back (with a new look) but it won’t let me log in so I can’t post comments or see PMs. All the threads seem to be labeled “closed” too which I assume is the new locked? So confused


  2. How can a company with $4.5 billion of yearly revenue let all of their support forums sit broken for a week. That’s baffling.


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