Season Premiere 2016: “Monty Burns’ Fleeing Circus” Episode Tie-In: All the Tie-In New Items and Prices

A ton of new items have been added to our game in this new tie-in: characters, buildings, decorations, prizes, and more. Join us right after the jump for the complete table of all the new items! Please note that this post contains SPOILERS of the event!


image name cost
unlock_lairdladd laird-ladd-unlock
Laird Ladd
Retro Lard Lad
newlardladmissing_menu New Lard Lad Battle of the Brands Pt. 1
moesbrewingco_menu Moe’s Brewing Co. Battle of the Brands Pt. 2
cinnabun_menu Cinnabun Battle of the Brands Pt. 4
Springfield Bowl Springfield Bowl Battle of the Brands Pt. 6
lardladdonut_menu Retro Lard Lad sidebar_donut120
beachhideawayse_transimage Beach Hideaway
Reward: Heights Real Estate Icon1.500.000
fancyfarms_menu Fancy Farms
Reward: Heights Real Estate Icon2.800.000
townecentrecondos_transimage Springfielde Glenne Condos
Reward: Heights Real Estate Icon2.800.000
Rebate: sidebar_donut10
bookaccinos_menu Bookaccino’s
Reward: Heights Real Estate Icon4.000.000
Rebate: sidebar_donut20
Building Skins
newlardladtarp_menu (Tard) New Lard Lad Battle of the Brands Pt. 3
newlardladmetallic_menu (Metallic) Lard Lad Battle of the Brands Pt. 5
quimbybrokenpromises_menu Quimby’s Broken Promises Billboard
(Shows the time since the item was bought)
Beach Hideaway Modulars
hideawaydeck_transimage Hideaway Deck Level 2
hideawaystairs_transimage Hideaway Stairs Level 2
hideawaywalkwaynoroof_transimage Hideaway Walkway
(No Roof)
Level 2 and 5
hideawaybridge_transimage Hideaway Bridge Level 3 and 4
hideawayhut_transimage Hideaway Hut Level 3
hideawayplatform_transimage Hideaway Platform Level 3
hideawaygazebo_transimage Hideaway Gazebo Level 4
hideawaywalkway_transimage Hideaway Walkway Level 4 and 5
hideawaypool_transimage Hideaway Pool Level 5

Join us next time for more info on this tie-in, happy tapping!


30 thoughts on “Season Premiere 2016: “Monty Burns’ Fleeing Circus” Episode Tie-In: All the Tie-In New Items and Prices

  1. I sadly cannot take advantage of the quest items because my Homer is missing. Any ideas on how to locate him or get him back?


  2. Hello.
    Just a question : how do we get the Springfielde Glenne Condos & bookaccino’s ? because I don’t see it in my game.


  3. I’m sure the store description said Retro Lard Lad would pay currency (gift cards) but mine isn’t doing that.


    • It says ” Earns Gift Cards” it is non-specific, in this case it means that the character has a GC earning task, the building does not produce GCs


    • Hmmm…sounds like Gil should have sold that dodgy deal! Hee hee…no bother, this event is easier than selling Homer a donut


  4. i just noticed that you can place the hideaway on land and water, even on beach and water at the same time 😀 super awesome 😀


  5. When is the last point in time to start this event? I am still on SciFi, grinding for Homer’s Dream House…


  6. Although this is all well and good, I once again have run out of land !! Need more land !! Last time ,only one strip of new land was added…


  7. Quimby’s Broken Promises Billboard is nice idea but I’ll pass. I would buy it if billboard showed days since I started playing.


  8. the quimby billboard is such a nice idea, im sad i didnt get to buy it sooner 😦 but its nice to see that ea still has new ideas on their hands, even if its something simple like this or the digi-ben tower


  9. Not sure if supposed to be but when you upgrade the beach hut the pieces give you a bonus multiplier, 20% total when upgraded to level 5. 40 donuts for 20% bonus is huge, managed to buy 5 and upgrade them all (with a little grinding), having over 400 pills from Chilliad really helped! Get in quick in case it’s an error and if it isn’t, great for everyone.


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