EA Forum is back!

Just wanted to make the great announcement that, finally, EA forum was just fixed and we can now return to our posting in peace! New version of the software, same forum with all posts intact! Welcome back! The new link is: here.
Note: all old posts are locked and some functions are being worked on to be fixed. This may take some time to fix but it’ll be soon. To be able to login you need to logout from http://ea.com and log back in from the forum.


11 thoughts on “EA Forum is back!

  1. I can’t log in.
    I log out on the EA site, clear cookies and go to the forum site. When I try to log in I’m redirected to the EA site, enter my email address and PW. Then I’m on the EA Forums Connect site where I need to enter my username an PW, and always get the message “The password you entered is incorrect.”
    Man they had really enough time to fix their stuff.


  2. Thank God! I’d not long started on and was confused as to why it was happening, before I knew. Glad to see it back.


  3. sadly i cant login yet, i click the sign in button but it redirects me to the forum instead of the login page


    1. you need to logout from http://ea.com site to be able to log back in.


      1. tried this on my tablet, i logged out and signed in on the forum. Keep getting redirected when logging in. Still the same problem.

        On my pc i go to my account at ea.com but i doesnt take me there. Therefore i cant logout :/


        1. you may need to remove the cookies from your browser for ea.com 😦


          1. Alright, on my pc i succeeded to logout yet when i log in I keep having the same problem. It keeps redirecting me.

            When I log in, i assume the blackbar says something with my profile instead of sign in and join now. As it keeps showing that


              1. Yes, I did clear out the cookies, but keep getting the redirecting thing


              2. Seem to be having the same problem no way to login it just redirectseems me back to the same page have cleared cookies all saved passwords and made shour I’m logged out of the ea page but still the same redirect


                1. This is soooo frustrating being able to read the new forum but not being able to contribute


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