Season Premiere 2016: “Monty Burns’ Fleeing Circus” Episode Tie-In: Prizes Walkthrough Pt. 2

Get ready for exibhits while Springfield Heights is getting quadruple the fun! Join us right after the jump for the 2nd part of the walkthrough of the prizes of the Monty Burns’ Fleeing Circus tie-in!

Certain characters or skins can now perfom at the Springfield Bowl with their animation: Chalmers (Break Character), Nelson (Play the Guitar), Clockwork Bart (Tell a Scary Skeleton Story), Archer Lisa (Shoot Arrows), Ralph (Eat a Crayon Sandwich), Wizard Marge (Put on a Magic Show), Quimby (Give a Speech), Comic Book Guy (Cosplay), Jimbo (Hacky Sack a Frog), Martin (Play the Lute) and Milhouse (Fly a Kite), however only one at a time.


Springfield Bowl
Springfield’s Got “Talent” Pt. 1

Auto starts

Mr. Burns: Thanks to your donut addictions, I was able to acquire Tianjin Mining and Smelting and Donuts.
Mr. Burns: Let this be a lesson to you all. With that, I will un-shutter the mines, open smelting plants, and as my final mercurial act, rebuild the Springfield Bowl!

Task: Make Burns Inspect the Springfield Bowl
Time: 1h
Location: Springfield Bowl

Mr. Burns: They don’t build them like they used to…
Mr. Burns: And I’ll make sure of that. Take out every third screw!

Springfield’s Got “Talent” Pt. 2

Mr. Burns starts

Mr. Burns: The footlights are lit, flats have been fluffed, and the theatrical union has been fired. Soon the local troglodytes will flock to the new Burns Bowl.
Smithers: Will you be conducting the auditions yourself, sir?
Mr. Burns: Look the rabble in the eye?! Heavens no! My mountains of money free me from interaction with my fellow man.

Task: Make Smithers Hold Auditions
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield Bowl
Task: Make Springfielders Audition [x3]
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield Bowl
Task: Make Burns Spy from the Wings
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield Bowl

Springfield’s Got “Talent” Pt. 3

Mr. Burns starts

Mr. Burns: No, no, no! Less Gilbert, and more Sullivan! Can’t you local yokels do anything right?
Cletus: You can lipstick up a pig, but it’s still gonna snort like a pig. And until we gets the laws changed, no matter how pretty, you still can’t marry it.
Mr. Burns: It seems I’ll have to make these no-talents know talent myself.

Task: Make Burns Show Them How It’s Done
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield Bowl

Mr. Burns: Avert your eyes, you vagrant mendicants! Not one word of this escapes these acoustic annals. Lawyers, attack!

On September 30th, a 4 times multiplier will be applied to all Springfield Heights currency jobs till October 3rd.

Springfield Heights
Season Premiere Heights Multiplier

Auto starts

Quimby: Let us reap the rewards of selling out to our new corporate overlords.
Lindsey Naegle: On behalf of Globaltech-Omnidyn-Synthecorp, we’d like to give back to the social elite who so often get left behind.
Mr. Burns: Huzzah! Why should the poor be the only ones who get to suckle at the teat of government subsidy?
Gil: I wonder how much I could get for my other kidney…

Join us next time for more info on this tie-in, happy tapping!


13 thoughts on “Season Premiere 2016: “Monty Burns’ Fleeing Circus” Episode Tie-In: Prizes Walkthrough Pt. 2

  1. Good to know the startdatum for the Springfield Height quadrupler. Had all characters running free (Quimby included) and nothing started. Now I’m patiently waiting for it to start. Thanks for the update 😃


  2. I haven’t had this item appear on the store yet?


      1. The stage


        1. it’s the last prize. the pt. 5 and 6 of the quest unlocks in 13 minutes just as the ep. starts


    1. Just saw this. Miss you too Nathan


      1. Really sorry it’s took this long to reply haven’t used WordPress in what seems like forever. Yes I am good thanks, sorry to hear about the site. Hope you and Em are doing well.


        1. hey nath! been doing good for myself thanks


        2. Hey Nate! Long time no see! Im doing good, hope you are too


          1. Yes I’m good thanks it’s been too long


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