Corporate Kickbacks: Rebate offers added to the store!

Rebate Offers for old and new items have been added to the store: Springfielde Glenne Condos, Excellence Prize Statue, Butterfly Tent, Sumatran Century Flower, Asia de Cuba, Health Spa, Strupo Statue and Golf Course!


6 thoughts on “Corporate Kickbacks: Rebate offers added to the store!

  1. Had the Gil deal this morning and for the first time ever, my store had the Convention Centre; went back to my town to see where I could put it then went back to the store to buy it but it had disappeared !! Need help cause I really, really want it !!


    1. convention center is in the buildings normal section. it’s level 56’s not event’s


      1. I know that, I guess I’m not explaining it right !! For the first time since I’ve been playing this game (I’m level 112), the convention centre appeared in my store this morning. I exited the store to check out where I could put it and when I went back in the store it was gone, never to be seen again !! I tried contacting EA but they sent me back to FAQ’s where of course I didn’t find an answer !


        1. Wait so in any of the sections you cant find it?


          1. Nope !!


            1. Thats totally strange. Hope ea can fix it


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