Treehouse of Horror 2016 Teaser revealed!

EA has just released their teaser for the next event: the Treehouse of Horror 2016!
Ready! Set! Tap! Are you ready to join Lisa on her upcoming Halloween adventure? Or just ready for your close up? Stay tuned for our next update, coming soon!
When will it start? We saw today the extension of the tie-in to tomorrow at 6pm BST, the usual time when events hit. What are your expectations for this event? Write them down below in the comments and stay tuned for all the infos you’ll need on the new Treehouse of Horror!


25 thoughts on “Treehouse of Horror 2016 Teaser revealed!

  1. Will they ever bring back huge unlocks such as the community unlock items Q_Q. This better not be another run of the mill crafting event.


  2. TapaTapaTapa, Jim P, caleeksu, rudolphovanwijk, may I have you as neighboureeenos in TSTO, pleeeease 🙂
    I’ll be glad to visit often your fancy towns…
    My EA(origin) ID is: mitakiss87
    Thank you


  3. Same here, land is always a problem. Also adding one strip of land is a bad option, because you don’t want a theme (e.g. Future or Western Springfield) not to add in one straight line at the end of your city, but rather in city parts. So please EA, let the players buy what they need …

    PS: Excited for Halloween event 🙂


  4. Hi! I want to ask you a favor. When update hit store, could you make short topic with all playable characters and skin? I know you always make topic with all new/returning items, but decorations and buldings aren’t really that exciting as characters and I want to spend my donuts as soon as possible, so I need to know what I can afford 😉


  5. As with any new quest , I look forward to the tasks , unfornuately , there is never enough land made available. I’m a premium player with a consecutive layout (town), I have many building etc. in storage (inventory). Wouldn’t it be nice if one could expand (buy) all the way out to meet their needs ??!! Think about it ,EA …


    • I have all available land too but fit everything in nice and have a HUGE forested area, desert zone, mega mall, 2 monorails, casino precinct, and a large Halloween/horror area.
      Key is don’t use duplicates unless needed. I got heaps of those townhouses and will probably use 2…rest in storage. Also got 4 lard lad, 5 spooky houses, 5 ski shalets, and many SH surplus buildings.
      But I have empty space for Halloween…gonna be awesome!


      • I meant conservative ,not consecutive . I really do not like auto correct.. (spelling) I have very few duplicates. No forest. No large desert. I do have all the monorails !! I believe my biggest problem is the fact that all my buildings ,etc . Are on and or connected to streets. Streets take up a lot of land.


        • Hmm..could be. I have a lot of my towers clustered up together at the back with no roads between them…so that saves space and adds a city look/perspective.
          I also put as much on Squidport as I can…land is too valuable!

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          • That’s a great idea! I’m trying to redesign both my main game and B game, and sometimes all of the roads drive me nuts. Any way you can post a pic?


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