Treehouse of Horror XXVII: Event Calendar

Prizes, prizes, prizes, every event we get many prizes, but are you afraid of being behind? Check right after the jump the complete event calendar for Treehouse of Horror XXVII!
Note: This calendar is always visible on the right sidebar of our homepage!

As always we’ve given a bit of leeway to guarantee you won’t arrive at the last minute with a rush!


Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


13 thoughts on “Treehouse of Horror XXVII: Event Calendar

  1. I’d noticed that day 30 has read “556600” and I was going to let you guys know, but it looks like you fixed it 🙂 thanks for making these, they are great!


    1. yeah thanks anyway. it was mistyping.


  2. When I try to move from one friends town to the next my game crashes every time. I have tried logging out and back in again but with no luck. Any ideas.

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    1. all towns or just some? do you use the arrows or return to the minimap between neighbours? have you tried entering through KL?


    2. Yup same prob here D: but only for high high lvl overly decorated towns


  3. RexRocker666 10/06/2016 — 07:39

    The picture at the timeline still links to the scifi event?


  4. out of curiosity, how do you guys get a hold of the next act prizes?


  5. Anyone know the deal with the monster fights!?
    Mine doesn’t seem to be moving time wise after I finish battles. It has been stuck at 3h 22m for close to 4 hours now.


    1. its now fixed with the latest patch


  6. The timer for fighting monsters is not functioning. Should I wait for EA to fix this or should I remove and reinstall the game?


    1. its now fixed with the latest patch


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