What Changed With the Treehouse of Horror XXVII Patch 1 Update? (October 5th)

A new patch was just released that will make many people happy, correcting a big mistake by EA in the event release update! As most of you know by now, every update not only brings new content but also changes to many other aspects of the game. From prices to appearance, task lengths to requirements, any part of the game is subject to change and many changes affect every player. Follow us right after the jump for the list of all of the changes.

Beach Hideaway’s Bonus $ and XP was decreased from 5% to 2%.


Beach Hideaway modules’ Bonus $ and XP was added back.

Hideaway Bridge Bonus $ and XP was changed from 2% to 1.5%.

Homer’s task in Mad Monsters: Furry Road Pt. 1 “Make Homer Guzzle NyQuil and have a Monster-Filled Nightmare” was changed to “Make Homer Guzzle NyQuil and Have a Monster-Filled Nightmare”.


Homer’s job “Guzzle NyQuil and have a Monster-Filled Nightmare” was changed to “Guzzle NyQuil and Have a Monster-Filled Nightmare”

Filmmaker Lisa’s unlock messages changed from “It’s great. So many people have to listen to you.” to “It’s great. So many people have to listen to you.”


Werewolf Ned’s job “Deal With Growing Pains” was changed to “Deal with Growing Pains”.


Space Marshmallow’s job “Take the Family out for Lunch” was changed to “Take the Family Out for Lunch”.


Gravedigger Billy’s job “Dig Holes For No Reason” was changed to “Dig Holes for No Reason”.


Gravedigger’s job “Pacify The Not-Quite-Dead” was changed to “Pacify the Not-Quite-Dead”.

Fairy Kodos, Squirrel Luann, Pirate Kang, Radioactive Milhouse, Saxophone Lisa, Wizard Martin, Clockwork Bart, Acorn Kirk and Holiday Homer were added to the Characters inventory group.


The Monsters Fight timer was fixed.


Grampa’s sprite change was completed with his animations.


Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


27 thoughts on “What Changed With the Treehouse of Horror XXVII Patch 1 Update? (October 5th)

  1. So if I were to buy the beach hideaways now and get all the additions would my bonus multiplier be only 3.5% less than if I were to buy it before? The additions still give out extra %?


  2. I am only getting two monsters at a time. After overnight of 8 hours, woke up to only two monsters and I am 3hrs into fighting them now and still no new monsters have spawn. So I am definitely not getting 2 new monsters every 4 hours still.


    1. not alone with this unfortunatly 😦


  3. Not sure if it came from this update or the start of this thoh event, but only noticed that they seem to have fixed 2 bugs. Levelling up no longer notify new items in the currency menu. When sending all the twerlingers to do the 6hr perform at the opera task previously had to collect each completed thumb rather than once with the “sonic boom” collect, now it collects with one tap.


  4. Hi LPN, great work as always, I’ve just noticed that building a Krusty Burger now takes 1 hour and yields 250xp, instead of 12 hours and 2500xp. The build cost is the same.


  5. Hi
    I have Count Burns, Booberella & Suzanne the Witch earning event currency. Do any other characters have tasks too earn currency for for this event?


    1. space mutant
      Suzanne the witch
      Count burns


  6. I’m only getting 2 monsters all day


  7. Hey guys done the update the starting screen has changed to the new theme but the game play is still the same and it’s showing the new quest?
    Any ideas


  8. Is boobarella coming back for purchase ?


  9. Tapatapatapa 10/06/2016 — 01:09

    I wonder what genius designed the cobblestone town square which can’t be matched up with the cobblestone roads.
    Buyer beware on the option to buy more for 50 donuts!


    1. What do you mean with can’t be matched up? You simply put the town square over any cobblestone road crossing and it matches perfectly.


    2. Tapatapatapa 10/06/2016 — 05:32

      You can place cobblestone underneath the town square to look like it’s matched up…but try connecting regular road and it’s not possible.


  10. Adrian Joyner 10/05/2016 — 22:22

    Still haven’t got this event…playing on Kindles…have rebooted and re- download the game….nothing happening. What a joke!


    1. Try searching for the game on the Play Store and see if it shows Update after the search finds it. I had to do that one time a couple events ago.


  11. How to send more than one characters to fight a giant monster?


      1. Thanks for the reply.


  12. Should there be 2 or 4 monster fights at one time? I have 2 on 1 game and 4 on another. Hope it should be 4, that would be a big help in reaching the totals.


    1. Yeah I’ve got 2 as well. Had 4 previous.

      Bug or deliberate LPN?


      1. it seems to alternate how many can fight. i think it has to do with spawning of the giant monsters.


        1. Yep, I would assume so. I only had at a time on the game that I’ve played all over the day and when I got home, my B game had 6 monster fights waiting for me. Seems like they’re helping those folks who can only play one or two times a day.


          1. I think its 2 monsters every 4 hours, and then if you dont fight them right away the next 2 are added. I had 4 waiting this morning, now back to 2 again.


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