Treehouse of Horror XXVII: Event Dates

Every event have set dates certain times having us rushing to get through them
this one is no exception. Join us right after the jump to the future for the list of all dates of the Treehouse of Horror XXVII Event! Please note that this post contains SPOILERS of the event!

Note: The content of the bundles is at the bottom.

Date Event
11/15 8am GMT
Town Square
Mystery Jack O’ Lantern
Cobblestone Road
Pumpkin Patch
Marge the Witch
Crazy Iguana Lady Bundles
10/18 9am BST
Act 1
The Island of Dr. Hibbert
Hellementary School
Film Permit (90 Donuts)
10/11 9am BST
Halloween Party Walls x10
10/22 9am BST
Small Monster Small Spawn
10/6 9am BST
10/13 9am BST
Gingerbread House w/Suzanne the Witch
10/8 9am BST
10/15 9am BST
THOH Flashback Bundle #1
10/10 9am BST
10/17 9am BST
Fairy Kodos
Kodos and Fairy Outfit
10/11 9am BST
10/18 9am BST
Battle Dome
Glucose Games
(Treehouse of Horror XXVII Episode Tie-In)
10/12 9am BST
10/19 9am BST
Pirate Kang
Kang and Pirate Outfit
10/14 9am BST
10/21 9am BST
Ancient Burial Ground + Shuffling Zombie
10/14 9am BST
11/5 8am GMT
Small Monster Medium Spawn
10/16 9am BST
10/23 9am BST
Drive-In Theater w/Space Mutant
10/18 9am BST
11/1 8am GMT
Act 2
Film Permit (60 Donuts)
Shinning Hotel Bundle
10/18 9am BST
10/25 9am BST
The Shinning Maze
THOH Flashback Bundle #2 v1
THOH Flashback Bundle #2 v2
10/20 9am BST
10/27 9am BST
Spooky Wall
10/21 9am BST
11/1 8am GMT
Scary Dock w/Blinky Monster
10/22 9am BST
10/29 9am BST
Helter Skeleter
10/24 9am BST
10/31 8am GMT
Wailing Wall
10/24 7pm BST
11/15 8am GMT
10/26 9am BST
11/2 8am GMT
THOH Flashback Bundle #3
10/26 9am BST
11/4 8am GMT
House on Scary Hill
10/27 9am BST
11/15 8am GMT
Small Monster Large Spawn
10/28 9am BST
11/4 8am GMT
Burns Coffin w/Count Burns
10/28 9am BST
11/15 8am GMT
Zombie Sandwich
10/30 8am GMT
11/6 8am GMT
THOH Flashback Bundle #4
11/1 8am GMT
11/15 8am GMT
Act 3
Snarling Zombie
Nightmare Willie
Cemetery Plot w/Gravedigger Billy
Film Permit (30 Donuts)
11/1 8am GMT
11/8 8am GMT
Crazy Zombie
11/3 8am GMT
11/10 8am GMT
Senile Zombie
11/5 8am GMT
11/12 8am GMT
Disco Zombie
11/7 8am GMT
11/15 8am GMT
Clawing Zombie
11/9 8am GMT
11/15 8am GMT
Pet Cemetary
11/9 5.40pm GMT
11/15 8am GMT

Bundles content

Crazy Iguana Lady Bundle: Crazy Cat House w/Crazy Cat Lady and Crazy Iguana Lady
Crazy Iguana Lady Bundle: Foggy Swamp w/Crazy Iguana Lady

THOH Flashback Bundle #1: Ghost Pirate Airship, Ghost Zapper and Mausoleum x2
THOH Flashback Bundle #2 v1: Gate to Nowhere, Light-up Elder God, Star Spawn, Tentacle Tree, Wavy-arm Elder God
THOH Flashback Bundle #2 v2: Gate to Nowhere, Light-up Elder God, Tentacle Tree and Wavy-arm Elder God
THOH Flashback Bundle #3: Bad Dream House, The Raven and Springfield Cemetery
THOH Flashback Bundle #4: Burns Monster, Devil Flanders and Talking Krusty Doll

Kodos and Fairy Outfit: Kodos w/Fairy Kodos
Kang and Pirate Outfit: Kang w/Pirate Kang

Shinning Bundle: Shinning Hotel and The Shinning Maze
Ancient Burial Ground + Shuffling Zombie Bundle: Ancient Burial Ground and Shuffling Zombie

Join us later for more info on this event, happy tapping!


18 thoughts on “Treehouse of Horror XXVII: Event Dates

  1. Shameezden329 10/24/2016 — 19:19

    Can you please include pictures. I’m very excited for these items.


    1. You can check the new event items post for them :p check our event page in the menu its one of the first linked posts πŸ˜‰


  2. Booberella !!!! At last… please, do you know how much she will cost ?


  3. Oops,I hit send too soon! Is there a list of currency earning characters? So far I have found:

    Suzanne the witch
    Space monster

    They each have a 4 hour task for 50 currency each


      1. Thanks! πŸ™‚


  4. Again no Serak The Prepareren 😦


    1. i think they could get in some trouble with a certain character from star trek


      1. Kang and Kodos are Start Trek character too!
        So that theory doesn’t hold any water!


  5. samspargo332 10/07/2016 — 00:36

    how much will kang and kodos cost?


  6. YAY!! They changed the xp back. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I will purchase some donuts to show them this is a good idea. Because EA seems to only understand money lol


  7. Do you see a cost/rebate in the drive in?


    1. only rebate is Crazy Cat/Iguana Lady


  8. I appreciate all that you guys do. Do we get to know how many donuts they will will cost please. πŸ™‚


    1. ofcourse. the post with all returning item costs is tomorrow. had to post the questline today to help who needs this info


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