Treehouse of Horror XXVII: Act 1 Walkthrough Part 1

Monsters are running in town and Lisa starts her carreer in movie making. The 5th spooktacular annual Halloween event is here! Join us right after the jump for the 1st part of the walkthrough for Act 1 of the event!

A new event has just started, full of prizes, buildings and decorations just started! Let the fun begin!

Mad Monsters: Furry Road Pt. 1

Auto starts

Homer: Ooh, it’s Halloween season again — the time of year when all our nightmares come true!
Lisa: What?! Oh no! I had the worst nightmare ever last night.
Homer: Ooh, what was it? Werewolves? Draculas? I can’t wait to see what kind of monsters we get to squish this year.
Lisa: It was about not getting into college. My safety school became my “reach” school.
Homer: Pfft, that’s not a monster. I guess I’ll have to have the nightmare starting this thing myself.

Task: Make Lisa Comfort Herself with Ivy League Brochures
Time: 6s
Location: Simpson House
Task: Make Homer Guzzle NyQuil and have a Monster-Filled Nightmare
Time: 6s
Location: Simpson House

Mad Monsters: Furry Road Pt. 2

Auto starts

Lisa: If I’m going to get into a school with even a vine of Ivy on it, I need to make my mark. But I have no real talents. How do talentless people make a mark?
Homer: Showbiz?
Lisa: That’s it, I’ll make a student film! Now I just need to come up with a subject.
Homer: Well, the town is about to be overrun with the monsters I dreamed up. They’re fast this year too! Maybe something with that?
Lisa: I’ve never really been a fan of genre movies. But horror films do perform pretty solid at the box office.

Task: Make Lisa Watch Bad Old Movies for Inspiration
Time: 6s
Location: Simpson House

Mad Monsters: Furry Road Pt. 3

Auto starts

Quimby: Citizens of, er, Springfield! As evil monsters invade our fair city, rest assured I, as Mayor, can handle the situation.
Quimby: That’s why it’s so crucial you all sacrifice your lives to protect me.
Sideshow Mel: I subscribe to the plan, ignoring the faulty logic behind it!
Lisa: Regular people fighting savage monsters. This might make a cool indie film and get me noticed by the Dean of the Springfield Film Academy!
Lisa: Although, they don’t have a Dean. The head of it is just a teacher that’s been there long enough to have his own key.
Lisa: Still, praise is praise! I’ll do it!

Quest Reward:
Filmmaker Lisa
Task: Make Filmmaker Lisa Start a Film Project
Time: 6s
Location: Simpson House

Mad Monsters: Furry Road Pt. 4

Auto starts

Death: Lisa Simpson?
Filmmaker Lisa: Death? Are you here for me or another polar bear? I know I shouldn’t say this, but please let it be the polar bear.
Death: Actually neither. I’m with the Monster Actors Guild. I’m here because you’re using monster actors but haven’t done the paperwork.
Filmmaker Lisa: I’m so sorry. I’ll get right on that. I’m very pro-union, like a young Crystal Lee Sutton. Look it up, it’s a really good reference.
Death: Terrific. And since I’m in town, I hear you have a polar bear here at your zoo…

Place MAG Office
Task: Make Filmmaker Lisa Work Through MAG Paperwork
Time: 6s
Location: MAG Office

Mad Monsters: Furry Road Pt. 5

Auto starts

Homer: Um, Lisa? Mom says you’re making a movie. Also something about taking out the trash, but tell me about the movie!
Filmmaker Lisa: It’s my college submission. Using real attacking monsters will show that I can capture excitement and stay within a budget. FOX movies don’t do either of those things!
Homer: I assume you not asking me to be the star is your way of begging me to be the star. Well, your strategy of ambivalence worked. I’ll do it!
Moe: Homer, we gotta go! The monsters are attacking. One of them even crushed the car I was hoping to live in. It had airbags I was gonna use for pillows and everything.

Tap 10 Feral Monsters
Quest Reward: 40 Event Currency and 10 XP

The main event has started. You can now tap Feral Monsters in your town to earn currency and your prizes!

Space Mutant, Suzanne the Witch, Count Burns and Booberella’s 4 hour jobs rewards 50 Event Currency now!

The 2nd part that will be posted later will continue the main questline!

After completing Mad Monsters: Furry Road Pt. 5, a new quest start, and just after building the Medieval Rich House, you can start sending kids to Trick-or-Treat. More kids can be sent on it by unlocking their job at the Monster Actors Guild.

Monster Candy

Bart starts

Bart: It’s not fair. Lisa gets to film monsters attacking and Mom is making me trick or treat with a flashlight! When did I become Milhouse?
Milhouse: You becoming me would be the greatest honor I could hope for. It’s what I pray for in church when everyone else is sleeping.
Bart: I’m going trick or treating… without Milhouse OR a flashlight.
Milhouse: You said my name twice already! This is like me winning the lottery on my birthday and it’s Christmas and I’m voted President of the World!
Bart: Okay, that’s it. From now on I only hang out with the flashlight.

Build Medieval Rich House
Task: Make Bart Trick-or-Treat
Time: 6s
Location: Event Buildings
Quest Reward: 40 Event Currency and 10 XP

After completing Monster Candy, this event’s crafting starts with the Construction Yard!

How Much is That Werewolf in the Window?

Lisa starts

Filmmaker Lisa: What am I supposed to do with all these coins? Are they actually coming out of the evil monsters?
Blinky Monster: Trust me, of all the things coming out of them, coins are the best.
Bart: Is that a poop joke? Please say it was.
Blinky Monster: I wish it was a poop joke. Travelling always makes me constipated.
Blinky Monster: Anyway, this is a union gig so you need to budget some monster-appropriate accommodations. Without them, we’ll stomp you. Or worse, file a grievance.

Place Medieval Construction Yard
Task: Spend Obols on Monster Items [x20]
Quest Reward: 40 Event Currency and 10 XP

Join us later for more info on this event, happy tapping!


3 thoughts on “Treehouse of Horror XXVII: Act 1 Walkthrough Part 1

  1. Doh!! I could have had more walls and MAG points. Thanks so much. Caught it early so that’s good.


  2. Should I upgrade to level 15 with the Obols I get or should I get some of the items as a priority on the way to upgrading to 15?


    1. Craft the items they count toward level up


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