Treehouse of Horror XXVII: Monster Actors Guild Item Rewards

A new prizes system was added for this event, the Monster Actors Guild, unlocking prizes by crafting items or unlocking prizes from the prize track. Join us right after the jump for the complete list of all rewards from the event items!


If a multiplier is specified, it indicates the limit on how many of that item gives you the MAG points when crafted. The others are all unique or only one contributes to it.

name reward
 Iron Wall 8 x sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints20
 Gargoyle Wall 8 x sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints20
 Hanging Streetlamp 8 x sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints20
 Pyre 4 x sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints25
 Spooky Brambles 6 x sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints25
 Forest Grove 2 x sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints35
 Flying Bats 4 x sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints45
 Ruins sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints90
 Vampire Casket 2 x sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints90
 Haunted Stables sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints110
 Hellementary School sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints175
 Town Square (Prize) sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints180
 Burns Family Crypt sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints180
 Medieval Cathedral sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints180
 Wolf Rock sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints180
 Large Mausoleum sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints225
 Covered Bridge sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints225
 Catacombs sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints225
 Bell Tower sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints270
 Dark Carriage sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints270
 Scary Dock w/Blinky Monster sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints275
 Monster Couch sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints315
 Mad Doctor’s Castle sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints315
 Forest Cave sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints315
Zombie Sandwich sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints325
 Count Burns’ Castle sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints360
Nigtmare Willie sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints375
 Werewolf Flanders sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints450
 Shipwreck sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints450
 Cemetery Plot w/Gravedigger Billy sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints450
 The Island of Dr. Hibbert sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints530
 Meteor Egg w/Space Marshmallow sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints540
 Death sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints540
 Frinkenstein sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints540
 Shinning Hotel sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints605
 House on Scary Hill sidebar_thoh2016_magpoints805

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


14 thoughts on “Treehouse of Horror XXVII: Monster Actors Guild Item Rewards

  1. Daily player pledge not to vandalize just looking for some friends. Bshpienz


  2. Alex Sanchez 10/10/2016 — 03:50

    I’ve unlocked Herman which said he fights monsters but I’m not getting him as an option to. Is this later, or a glitch?


  3. I have 189 donuts right now. I can’t decide if i should get crazy iguana lady or the witch and gingerbread house. Any suggestions?


      1. No, i do not have CCL.


        1. So get her! Building + Character + Skin costing 110 donuts is a no-brainer!


    1. TheRealTiminator 10/10/2016 — 11:23

      I’d say it depends on how often you play throughout the day.

      Suzanne the witch can earn you 50 films every 4 hours, so if you play 3-4 times per day she will probably contribute more to your income than Crazy Iguana Lady.
      Also if you visit often you should be able to stay on top of your giant monster battles without needing CIL.
      However if you only manage to visit once or twice per day then CIL will help you to avoid hitting the cap on the number of giant monsters that can spawn thereby saving you 150 films each time compared with the 50-100 films that Suzanne could earn you in the same period.
      Apart from that, CIL comes with 2 outfits & therefore 2 story lines for you to enjoy, there is a Christmas skin for her house which might be re-released & you know that you’ll never get her cheaper than you can now on cashback, whereas Suzanne the Witch might come back next Halloween on cashback at a cheaper price possibly.
      Finally, if you go for CIL, you’ll still have 79 donuts remaining which you could easily boost up to at least 100 by Act 3 to enable you to buy Booberella aswell.


      1. Nice explanation, this is good advice!


      2. Yes, this is good advice, thank you. I did get CIL. I thought about all you said. I visit often when i’m at home, but the internet connection is horrible where i work and some days i can’t even get on until i get home. (Or when i forget my phone like i did today. :p) I won her Christmas house skin a few years ago but never got her because she costs so much and it takes a while to save up donuts. I usually saw something else i needed or wanted before i got enough for her. Now, i should have around 100 again by the end of the week. I got Barney the same way with the discount during the space event.


  4. frankcusadon 10/09/2016 — 23:44

    Awesome post as always LPN! Minor comment – zombie sandwich is either out of your otherwise impeccable order, or it may have the wrong MAG value.


  5. How do I get the construction yard. Apparent I have to upgrade it to level 5 in order to get another item but I don’t know how to get it.


    1. after you complete Mad Monsters: Furry Road Pt. 5, you get “Monster Candy” which you’ve to Build Medieval Rich House and Make Bart Trick-or-Treat. After completing it, it starts.


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